For far too long, young people have been overlooked in politics.

Our generation is often labelled as the apathetic generation by the media and unfortunately, our politicians who only want to engage with us when an election is around the corner.

We want to change this. We want YOU to lead the conversation about the future of our country. Come join us for a FREE coffee and discussion about Brexit, the NHS and the future of the UK.

Alongside some of our favourite influencers, community leaders, and figures from across the political spectrum, let’s work together to find solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our societies.


Democracy Cafés are issue-based discussions designed to help you identify the issues you REALLY care about.

So whether you’re curious about what we do, or care even just a little bit about what the future of our country looks like for young citizens, there’s only one place to be that evening.

SPECIAL GUEST!!!!!: | MP, Chi Onuwurah for Newcastle |

If that isn’t enough motivation to get you down, maybe you’ll be tempted by some free coffee – or hot chocolate depending on your preference.




Remember, if you don’t do politics – politics will do you!