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Design Tips to Get a High-impact Vehicle Wrap

ByDave Stopher

Aug 15, 2022

A small business can be challenging to grow. Finding a balance between profitability and growth is essential and requires knowledge of advertising techniques. Knowing what is most fruitful for your idea is critical with the various platforms available today.

Vehicle wrapping is often the most affordable and effective advertising for small businesses. It also has other benefits like not taking up space that you could use for other purposes. 

There are plenty of reasons to invest in our vehicle branding services! We’re a one-stop shop for all your vehicle marketing needs.

Utilizing vehicles as a form of advertising allows businesses to use an existing asset for marketing purposes. This is ideal when targeting the local demographic, particularly useful for companies that provide a local service.

From a behavioural standpoint, your car is a mobile billboard. Unlike other forms of advertising, people don’t need to do anything to see it. You can also create engaging visual displays with them so they can connect with your audience.

The Basics of Vehicle Wrap Advertising

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl decal placed on a car’s exterior. It can be partial, covering certain sections such as window coverage or the whole thing.

Vehicle signage is a popular option for small and large businesses, applying to cars, vans, utility vehicles and even fleets of trucks.

The cost of wrapping a vehicle can fluctuate based on different factors, like the size of the car, what kind of film is used, and if it’s part or full coverage. As a result, we offer competitive rates for signage services and aim to keep the quality of service and budgetary constraints in mind when working with you.

Businesses that get their vehicles wrapped will find that their investment lasts a long time — around five to seven years (although the lifespan varies according to how the car is maintained and what elements it’s exposed to).

Ready to design signage that will capture the viewer’s attention and make a memorable impression? Here are seven principles to consider that will guarantee vehicle advertising success.

  • Measure twice, wrap once

The vinyl wraps need to be measured before they can be installed. The correct dimensions will allow the company to design it properly and you’ll have an accurate quote for your advertising needs. If the measurements are wrong, the wrap may distort and look ugly.

When working on the creation of a custom vehicle graphic, you’ll want to make sure to provide the correct dimensions. You’ll want to measure the length, height and width by following your vehicle’s outlines and measuring across body lines.

Please take a photo of the vehicle, so we have a reference for its signage design. Zoom in on each side and ensure you don’t take pictures from an angle; otherwise, the sign won’t look right when designed.

To simplify and speed up the process, you can take your vehicle to our Brandfixx design shop. Our qualified and seasoned designers use the latest measuring tools to get precise measurements for your car.

  • Please keep it simple.

The wrap design is very competitive, so it’s vital to create something that stands out due to its attractiveness and clarity – the first two issues when designing a vehicle wrap. Legible design, not overly distracting images and clean message delivery can go a long way.

Keep your design simple and make sure it can catch attention quickly. Ensure that it can be read from afar, so people can understand what you’re promoting. 2 or 3 colours are all you need to ensure visibility and readability. As a general design principle, less is more. Don’t overload the signage with too many colours, as it can decrease visibility. Instead, please keep it simple and consistent. If you already have a brand identity, our designers will work together to come up with something consistent and satisfying for you.

  • Be brief

When running a mobile advertising campaign, the key is to get your message across in the simplest way possible. Don’t try to sell on your sign layout: keep it simple so your message can reach every potential customer.

Instead, it should focus on the details at the point of sale, where they can learn about your products and services.

  • Use engaging shapes

Shapes are a crucial design element to include in your vehicle wrap. Curved edges appeal more to the subconscious than straight lines, adding visual interest and giving a sense of depth and emphasis.

Shapes are an effective way for businesses to make their content more visually attractive. Choose a different shape for more impact and to stand out. You can use shapes to frame your content or to create contrast and highlight a focal point of your design, improving the likelihood that people will notice your advertisement.

  • Consider the finished look.

You can alter a print design in many ways. For example, you could change it by opening a door or window or waiting in traffic. This can distort the advert’s intended message.

This makes viewers confused and leaves the impression that your business is mediocre.

If you are happy with the design, make sure to view it from every perspective and the viewpoint of the viewer. That way, you can be sure that no critical elements are overlooked and that it communicates what you are looking for

  • Choose the suitable vinyl film

Only opt for a top-quality film to guarantee your design won’t chip off. If you use low-grade vinyl film, the elements will likely damage it and leave an unattractive finish on your vehicle’s paint.

At Brandfixx, we only use the best quality materials available. As a result, we have a large selection of mats and films resistant to UV rays and can easily handle extreme climates.

Thanks to our eco-friendly latex printing process, we can offer our clients superior marketing materials without harming the environment.

Following these principles will help your business create great advertisements. Vehicle graphics can be very impactful for any business.

Ready to take your advertising game to the next level? Contact Brandfixx today.