More expensive does not always mean ‘better’ – and this point translates to the timepiece industry. Let’s face the facts: luxury comes at a premium, and the prestige that accompanies a name can often drive prices up astronomically. But when we factor quality into the equation, there are many lesser-known brands, or simply more affordable options, that serve the same purpose without breaking the bank.

According to The Balance, the average annual American salary (2018) sits at $33K. With premium timepieces generally costing thousands of dollars, it isn’t an object that is necessarily a priority, or even within reach, of most customers. At Filippo Loreti, we understand that looking your best means feeling your best, too. But through rigorous testing and the understanding of our audience, we’ve been able to create cost-effective luxury watches that will stand the test of time. 

We’re here to break down all of the factors that make some brands more expensive, and why we’re an affordable alternative from places like nomos to some of the larger brand names.


You’re paying for R&D

Research and development can often drive costs upwards, but these operating expenses are often unnecessary. Many times, the research is redundant or doesn’t actually end up being implemented into the product. But the end result remains the same, you will be accountable for the increases in price.

Less product means more cost

When smartwatches are more exclusive, that means a higher cost. You’ll be paying a premium for companies that ensure that the interest in a product will never meet demand – and that those who own one of these elusive timepieces feels unique and special at whatever cost.

Markup, markup, markup

Sometimes, it just boils down to markup. The cost of manufacturing a product is always lower than its sale price, but sometimes companies scale a product so much that the markup can actually reach up to 16x its actual value.

Labor is actually expensive

Watchmaking is an art – and there are actually only a handful of watchmaking schools across the world. If you take intricacies into account, some of the world’s premium timepieces have dozens of moving parts that must work seamlessly together. This testing often requires a highly trained and certified skilled expert.


At Filippo Loreti, our main goal is to make luxury accessible. But that doesn’t mean that we sacrifice on quality, durability or any other important factor that will make our timepieces an important investment for years to come. We’ve eliminated many of the factors that force our competitors to increase their prices.

We’ve bypassed traditional channels used. We’ve built direct relationships with the top manufacturers. And we’ve decided to build our products in-house. These three factors alone make up the Filippo Loreti difference – allowing us to provide timeless pieces that won’t break the bank. Here, you will find similar timepieces to higher-end competitors at a more reasonable price point. Our price point is reasonable enough that you could even purchase several pieces if you desire, reflecting different styles and colors in your wardrobe. Not to mention, our products are still inspired by iconic Italian architecture, crafted by hand and limited edition, many of the aspects that customers love most. 

With timepieces for both men and women, Filippo Loreti has the right timepiece for you.

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