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Designing an Office SPace with Resilient Flooring, Durable and Stylish Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Office spaces are designed to suffer with heavy footfall, to look a certain way to fit with the brand of a company, to be enticing to potential customers and suppliers, to inspire productivity and to boost the morale of employees. There are many different factors to consider when designing an office space and the first port of call should be to look at the flooring. Depending on what type of business you operate, installing resilient flooring that is durable, for the areas with the highest traffic is important. A specialist in commercial floor installation in London will help you make the right choices, so that your floor is not only durable, but stylish too.

Choosing a resilient floor material like vinyl or linoleum is a good choice for an office space that experiences plenty of activity on a regular basis. There are a few benefits to consider:

Multiple choices of design and floor type

You can choose between vinyl, linoleum, tile, hardwood, and other types of robust hard flooring for your office space. Tiles Sydney experts note that these wide array of choices helps you to transform the blank canvas of your office space into something that really makes a good first impression and keeps your employees happy and productive. Vinyl flooring comes in a few different sizes, and you can also choose different textures of flooring too. For companies that are searching for ways to include their brand image within the décor and design of the office space, this type of resilient flooring and the myriad design and texture potential ensures that you can do so.

Durability is key

Vinyl flooring is durable to the extreme, so could be the best choice of resilient flooring you can choose for your office. With a variety of different coating options open to you on top, you can choose to even improve the anti-scuff protection on the coating, although in most cases, vinyl flooring on its own is resistant enough. Another benefit of choosing vinyl flooring, especially if you are choosing vinyl tiles, is that you have much more scope to replace specific areas that have become scuffed over time, rather than replacing the entire surface of the floor. This helps to lower overall costs over the lifetime of the office space and the vinyl flooring itself.

Simple installation and maintenance

Vinyl flooring and other hard, durable flooring surfaces are much easier to install and maintain when compared with softer flooring options, such as carpet. Dust and dirt can be easily swept and mopped away on hard, resilient flooring, and if you keep up with a strict cleaning regime that regularly cleans the floor, you’ll see that it lasts for a long time in good condition. Aside from the regular cleaning and deep cleaning regimes you have in place, even everyday problems like drink spillages and the like, are much easier to clear up on a hardwood, vinyl, or linoleum floor, than it would be on carpet (where there would be instant panic stations to clean it up before it stains permanently).

Help the flow of your office

Resilient flooring helps you to keep a clear flow within your office space that carpet just can’t do. Consistency is a valid approach to the design of any workplace; you need to draw people into the building with a good first impression and then guide them through the flow of the office with ease. A good carpet or rug in reception can flow into the hardwood flooring or vinyl offering in the workspaces, but then consider different designs and colours for different areas of the office.

Improve indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is vital within every workplace. There is a need to manage every aspect of a work premises to ensure that employees, customers, suppliers, and any other visitors to site, are not exposed to toxins or chemicals. Resilient flooring helps to improve air quality in your office space, emitting little to no VOCs into the air. VOCs are found in most workplace interiors, whether in the finish of equipment product, paint, desks, and other office furniture. Choosing a resilient, durable flooring that doesn’t increase VOCs is a positive choice to make.

Work with commercial flooring experts and you’ll make the right choices for your business when installing resilient flooring at your workplace. It is important to choose a durable material surface for the areas of the office that have the highest amount of daily foot traffic. Alongside this however, there is a need to make sure the flooring is comfortable, looks good, and fits with your brand in a perfect world. This is all possible when dealing with specialists in office flooring. They’ll understand what works well in the high traffic areas of a workspace, what looks good, and what fits your budget.

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