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Durham University ranks among the UK’s best universities to find love

The Knowledge Academy.

Valentine’s day is a worldwide tradition in which people usually express their love and affection for others, but for those who have not met their match, this day can be quite intimidating. With many young adults exploring their first taste of freedom whilst at university, research highlights that 20% of British students meet the love of their life on campus. 

With this in mind, The Knowledge Academy sought to find out which UK university you are most likely to meet your match. By conducting a survey of 3500 participants, we can reveal which UK universities are the best for falling in love. 

The top 10 UK universities for falling in love

University Met a Romantic Partner at University
1 University of York 63%
2 University of Manchester 62%
3 University of Bristol 57%
4 University of Leeds 57%
5 University of Southampton 57%
6 University of Edinburgh 56%
7 Durham University 56%
8 University of Oxford 52%
9 University of Liverpool 52%
10 University of Cambridge 48%

Please find the complete data set for all 30 UK universities analysed on the data sheet here.

The Knowledge Academy can reveal that the best university for students falling in love is University of York, with 63% of students admitting that they have met their romantic partner whilst studying there. Although only 7.34% of participants reported that they ended up marrying the partner they met on campus, the University Of York still remains the university with the highest chances of finding love.

Ranking second is the University of Manchester, where 62% of participants revealed they met their partner whilst studying at university. Not only is this university popular for falling in love, but it was also found that around one in five (21%) of participants also ended up marrying their university partner.

University of Bristol ranks as the third best university to fall in love, with 57% of participants disclosing that they have been lucky in love at this university. Known for its quirky, creative and vibrant background through street art and music, participants reported that they had been engaged in both long and short-term relationships throughout their university life.

In tenth place, Oxford’s ultimate enemy, the University of Cambridge scored just below half, with 48% of participants saying they have had a romantic relationship whilst studying. However, only 14.52% of participants ended up marrying their university love. 

We spoke to an ex-student at Northumbria University who met her partner 10 years ago whilst studying at university. “We were initially friends through a mutual friend, we spent a lot of time together and he was a flatmate in second and third year. We had a drunken kiss one night and it turned out we’d both liked each other for a while but didn’t realise. 

He asked me out on Valentine’s Day 2016, we are now coming up to seven years and own a home together. You have to listen to each other and talk things out regardless of how awkward it may feel but it is also important to take time for yourselves as a couple, quality time makes you stronger.”

Whilst an ex-student at De Montfort University believes the best thing for her relationship was understanding you can’t be selfish “things need to be a 50/50 split if you want to be happy and have a healthy, long relationship.” She has been with her partner for four years now, after meeting him on a society social night out.

The best UK universities for finding the one to marry

University Married University Partner
1 Queen’s University Belfast 22%
2 University of Oxford 21%
3 University of Manchester 21%
4 Durham University 20%
5 University of Edinburgh 17%
6 Lancaster University 16%
7 King’s College London 16%
8 Imperial College London 15%
9 University of Cambridge 15%
10 University of Nottingham 14%

Please find the complete data set for all 30 UK universities analysed on the data sheet here.

The likelihood of marrying a romantic partner you have met at university is overall much lower statistically, with an overall score of only 12.17% revealing they married their university love.

Falling first place, Queen’s University Belfast has been found to be the best university for finding the right person to marry, with 22% of participants marrying their university love, the highest out of all 30 universities analysed.

Following closely behind, the University of Oxford ranks in second place with 21% of participants revealing that they married their university love. Oxford is famous for its libraries, and the love of books can often bring people together.

Ranking in joint second position, the University of Manchester found that 21% of participants admitted that they met their marital partner whilst at university. The university also offers hosting for civil weddings and partnerships in a variety of venues so it truly is the university of love.

The University of Manchester has also been found in the top three for both finding a romantic partner and marrying that romantic partner met at university with a total combined score of 83% out of 100. This university could be considered the best for finding a long-lasting relationship.  

The full data set can be found here.

Data was collected on 26th January 2023, and is subject to change.

By Meghan