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Earn More Money This Summer by Considering These 8 Business Ideas

ByDave Stopher

Jul 13, 2021

Summer is a time for many activities. During this season, people usually go on a road trip, get a nice tan on the beach, travel to another city or country and start a home garden.

Summer, however, is also a great season to earn more money. The longer days and warm weather can lead to a range of new and profitable business opportunities.

Check out the following business ideas that will help you make more money during the season:

  1. Air Conditioning Services

During summer, people will be using their air conditioning system a lot to stay cool. The constant use of the AC can sometimes lead to overheating and other mechanical problems. If you like fixing stuff, considering offering reliable air conditioning services to your local community.

Take note that this involves creating a business plan, obtaining the necessary HVAC education and certification and promoting your company by yourself or with the help of a marketing agency. If you’re looking to get your feet wet, start small and work part-time. Then, scale your business to full-time when you feel that you’re confident serving your customers well.

  1. Cold Food and Beverage Sales

Many consider lemonade stands as the epitome of summer businesses. Lemonade, however, is just one refreshing offering that can bump up the money in your bank account this summer. Other options include snow cones, cold bottles of water (plain and flavored) and ice cream. You can even maximize your investment by setting up your cold food and beverage stand in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as the beach and the mall.

  1. Swimming Pool Maintenance and Repair

Not everyone hits the beach during summer. Some spend their idle days soaking in the swimming pool of their house.

Given the constant use of the pools, homeowners will need to keep them clean and up to code. A business idea that you can pursue is a pool cleaning and maintenance business. Cleaning the swimming is inexpensive, as this only requires a bit of equipment and expertise. You can use your home as an office and set up appointments at hotels, apartment complexes and homes in your neighborhood or community.

  1. Errand Services

Some people have so much work on their plate during summer that they can’t get everything done. You should look at this as an opportunity to earn some money. You could, for instance, run an errand service.

You can launch this lucrative business in metropolitan areas. An errand service caters to a broad range of specific services. This may include accompanying the senior citizen in the family for a medical or dental appointment, purchasing gifts and buying groceries. The good news is that you can launch this business with nearly zero startup investment.

  1. Child Care (Babysitting) Services

Kids are usually out of school for the summer. If they’re going on a long camping trip, they’ll likely drive their parents crazy.

Offer to babysit a family’s kids for a couple of days (or more) a week while the parents are hard at work. If you can drive, you could take the children to activities they would not get to do otherwise, such as going on a cool local hike or visiting a water park or an amusement park.

  1. Pet Walking Services

Working parents aren’t just responsible for taking care of their kids. Many of them have pets, such as cats and dogs, which need to get out during the day, as well. Unfortunately, plenty of people don’t like to go outside once the temperature rises.

If you like taking care of pets, consider offering pet walking services to families. This business opportunity has low overhead and enables you to use your available time effectively. If you have the skills and experience to take care of more than one pet at a time, you could bump up your hourly profit.

  1. Barbecue Catering Services

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll love this fun and enjoyable business idea. Barbecue food items are incredibly popular and simple to make during the summer. If you see yourself as a grill master, think about marketing your skills as a barbecue caterer at outdoor or family summer gatherings.

  1. Party Entertainment

Summer is a great season for celebrations. If you have special skills related to the entertainment industry, such as juggling, playing music, comedy or hosting, you can offer your skills as a party entertainer. You can stay busy and profitable during the summer months when you play music for weddings or become a juggler or clown at kids’ parties.

Don’t waste the remainder of your time chilling this summer. If you’ve got nothing better to do, give these business ideas a shot.