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Equipment You Should Never Leave at Home Before Hunting

Whenever you are on a hunting excursion, there are essential equipment that you should carry along for safety reasons. It would be unwise to set off on a hunting destination without the right gear; therefore, consider the worst-case scenario and ensure that you fully equip yourself. With the proper equipment, you will survive in the event of any emergency, and above all, you get to have the right experience. 

Here are some must-haves that should be on your hunting gear list.

  • A Backpack

A nice backpack would be suitable for a hiking excursion, and you will use it for carrying valuable essentials. Ensure that you purchase a quality backpack since you wouldn’t want the zipper to break while you are in the middle of the hunting session. When you are on the excursion, your mind should be fixed on hunting down some animals and not adjusting your backpack. Find a bag that has soft paddings and one that’s lightweight for convenience.

  • Rifle Scopes

A good rifle will help you strike the target when hunting. However, when shooting, you will need immediate precision; therefore, it would be advisable to carry a scope to get the best shot at prey that are far away. The riflescope displays a reticle; although the scopes vary in design, they will allow for distance ranging, windage compensation, and bullet drop compensation. Finding the right rifle scope might be challenging, although you can visit this website and sample the best scopes for 6.5 Creedmoor. You can check out this article comparing Eotech vs Trijicon sights to help you know the differences and their pros and cons. The scope that you use for hunting should be of outstanding quality so that it can pull lightly and not distort when sighting at 1000 yards or more. Some of the best hunting rifle scopes include the Vortex Optics Crossfire and the Vortex Optics Viper. Although most of the scopes are suitable for late dusk and early morning scopes, you can use them in broad daylight. Buy an 80 percent lower jig to finish your next firearm.

  • Water

Water should be your highest priority since you should remain hydrated during the hunting excursion. Find a nice bladder that holds lots of water and ensure that it’s filled before you begin your hunting spree. Besides, carry along a water filter and some iodine tablets just in case you run out of the water, and you need to purify the water that you run into while hunting.

  • Safety Boots

When hunting, your body is under the threat of blisters and cold; therefore, you should consider carrying along safety boots to be safe. Whether you are trailing elks or duck hunting, you should prioritize a nice set of boots that will prepare you both physically and emotionally to face the looming threats.

Some Decoys

Consider filling your backpack with some decoys that will help in hunting. If you are a newbie in hunting, the baits will help you lure some of the prey.

  • A Scent Killing Spray

When hunting, it would be unwise to have scented clothes. Before setting off for the excursion, clean your clothes with a scent killing detergent and ensure that they are free of odor. It would also help if you carried some boot spray and scent-killing sprays that you will use whenever you sweat. The prey might be sensitive to scents; therefore, you need to smell natural at all times.

  • A Pocketknife

The knife is foldable and has several blades that can swivel inside the handle. The knife can fit in your pocket, and you should ensure that it’s sharp at all times. You can use the pocketknife when skinning your prey or when tearing the flesh. Besides, you will find the knife useful for defense, during first aid treatment, when opening gear, or when slicing food.

  • Clothing

Consider carrying some camouflage gloves, youth waders, a head net, and an extra pair of socks. Besides, it would help if you brought an overall that you will use during rough weather. All the clothing you carry should be comfortable and free of scent to ensure that your hunting spree lasts longer. As earlier stated, you don’t want to scare your prey, therefore, ensure that the garments are free of scent.

  • A First Aid Kit

Ensure that you carry a first aid kit equipped with essential tools such as a disinfectant, some bandages, and pain killers. Besides, you should have a survival kit equipped with a compass, a lighter, a blister kit, and Tylenol. The first aid kit and survival kit will come in handy if you are injured and get lost in the wilderness.

Hunting can be fun provided that you are adequately equipped. Before you set off for the adventure, ensure that you go through this checklist and carry all the necessities. Besides, it would help if you considered exercising before you set off; since it will offer you the endurance that you will need during hunting.

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