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Essential tips for getting the most out of your next holiday

Book Early for the best deals

We have all been in the situation when we have been looking to take our family holiday abroad and have left it late. The consequence of this is that we end up paying a higher price for flights and accommodation meaning we have less to spend on the fun things whilst we are on holiday. 

Making the most of the internet to do our search is always the best way to find a great deal. Using websites such as Expedia is always a good way to find the best deals by comparing many different flights and hotel providers and prices.

Do your homework

Planning ahead of your holiday is a great way to maximise your time away. Check out local attractions online and reviews and make a list of must do activities. 

Planning ahead can also have the benefits of discount vouchers and offers online that you may have missed otherwise

Always insure

This is one of the most important points whilst travelling abroad. It is essential you sort your travel insurance before you leave on holiday. We all know someone who has said “I will sort my insurance when l get to the airport” and then forgets to do this. 

Leaving it late to sort insurance means you are rushed and may end up paying more than expected or even worse not having sufficient cover for what you need. A prime example would be making sure you have winter sports cover if you are off to the Alps skiing. If you were to have an accident on the slopes this would be a costly error if you needed airlifting off the mountain or even being medically repatriated back to the UK as you wouldn’t be covered on your insurance.

Arriving at the airport refreshed

It’s no secret that most of us dread the trip to the airport especially with an early departure time. Tackling traffic jams and trying to find your way through the airport terminals can leave you arriving late and stressed on departure day.

A top tip for this is to stay at one of the airport hotels the night before which gives you the chance to relax , have a nice meal and even enjoy a trip to the spa. Many airport hotels now offer long term parking for the duration of your holiday if you stay over with them the night before. This really is the most relaxing way to start your trip and takes the worry of making your way to the airport or missing your flight.

Canceled Flights

This is something we hope we never have to experience but is surprisingly common. In the past we were more than likely to take a cancelled flight as just bad luck. Fortunately we are now more informed and know that we have rights for cancelled flight compensation. Companies such as Airhelp offer a very simple explanation of your rights and that you could be eligible to claim upto £510 in compensation.

As expected with claims like this don’t expect the airline to roll over and pay up and this really is where the team at Airhelp can help fight your corner to make sure you receive what you are owed and take the stress out of the process.

Plan for the unexpected

No matter how well you plan there are always surprises. These days we tend to use debit or credit when paying for gifts or meals out. It is always a good idea to have your bank contact details available incase you card is lost or stolen so you can inform your bank straight away.  Carrying some cash enables you to still be able to pay for things whilst you are away so limiting the impact on your trip.


Getting away on holiday is something we all look forward to. Seeing new places and having new experiences is something that excites us all so don’t forget your camera. Following our tips will hopefully give you more time and money to enjoy your time away. Happy holidays.


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