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Established Longstanding Westerhope Company Expands Product Offering in the UK


May 13, 2019 #Business, #Energy

One of the leading gas distributors in the North East has expanded its catalogue of products with an additional size.

After a successful integration into the Irish marketplace, Hobbyweld – part of Dixons of Westerhope Ltd – has brought its Plus+ gas cylinder range to the UK market for the first time.

Until now the company has tailored gas products to individual hobbyists and small companies. With the introduction of the new Plus+ size range, Hobbyweld is able to cater to a new market such as independent garages or workshops. The new size is a first for the company and will be extremely useful for trade whilst the Original is aimed almost exclusively at individual hobbyists. The Plus+ size contains over double the amount of gas in the Original whilst still available in a compact size suitable for personal or business use.

Establishing itself as a market leader in its field, the company is able to offer value for money with its rent free cylinders allowing customers to keep the cylinder for as long or little as required without charging an additional premium. The new size outshines the competition by requiring a lower deposit than others that are suitable for businesses and companies. With a base in the UK and stockists available nationwide and in the Republic of Ireland, the company is in prime position to lead the way with its newest size offering.

As a division of Dixons of Westerhope Ltd – a company known for its excellent customer service and great value for money – Hobbyweld was created to cater to individuals who needed gas for hobby projects but could not justify the expense of rental on industrial gas bottles. Hobbyweld has utilised its 40 years of knowledge in the bottled gas sector to be able to offer the best service to customers on a smaller, more affordable scale.

Speaking about the new release, Craig Cheesman, Hobbyweld Sales Manager for UK and ROI said: “With the customers at the heart of what we do, we ensure that we offer the best customer service and highest quality products available. We are completely dedicated to training our agent network as we are aware that those new to the market -whether it be welding for the first time or moving from TIG to MIG – may require some advice and, as their first point of contact, we want to supply them with the most up-to-date information. The addition and success of the new Plus+ size range in Ireland is testament to our knowledge of the industry, the understanding of our customers and the expertise of our agents.”

Despite the implications of the name, Hobbyweld provide gases for more than just welding with other gases available such as balloon grade Helium, which can be great for planning a big party, wedding or event.  The new compact size holds an impressive 20 litres at 230 bar which ensures that gases such as Nitrogen can be used on everything from small scale home tyre inflation to use in independent garages. The new Plus+ size will be available in gases including two MIG welding blends, pure Argon for TIG welding, as well as Oxygen and Acetylene.

Despite being slightly larger than Original, the Plus+ cylinder is fitted with an industry standard valve which makes the conversion over to Hobbyweld a simple process as there is no need to purchase a new regulator.

Speaking about the introduction of the product, John Holmes, Marketing Manager of Hobbyweld said: “We have drastically increased our attendance at trade shows since the beginning of the year and we have received some great feedback from both potential and current customers on the new size range. Our conversations with customers allow us to really put them first when it comes to developing new products and it is this type of personal touch to the company that really set us apart from other businesses in the industry.”

Hobbyweld will be exhibiting at the Bristol Classic Car Show, on 22nd and 23rd of June, to promote the range of products and staff will be on hand to answer any questions.