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Eternal Return Introduces Explosive New Game Mode: Cobalt Protocol


Aug 2, 2022

Nimble Neuron and Kakao Games are pleased to reveal Eternal Return’s brand new game mode: Cobalt Protocol, which is now available for all players.

Eternal Return players can jump into the new mode in-game, pitting two teams of four against each other. Unlike other game modes in Eternal Return, this mode allows players to directly dive into a match with no unnecessary crafting time, allowing players to get right into the action. The main objective is to gain more points than the opposing team and bring their score down to zero. This can be done by taking down enemies, wildlife, or capturing objectives across the map. By starting off with efficient gear, you can focus on the objectives right away.

Each match takes place across two phases, playing out similarly to traditional team deathmatch modes. The first phase sees players engaging in 2 vs. 2 battles in a select area of the map. Once this phase ends, the map will open up and connect both areas, allowing each team to engage in 4 vs. 4 battles.

Upon death, players will return to their base but will be able to rejoin the fight and begin racking up points again. Whether that be by finding beacons across the map and capturing them for your team, or engaging in fights with the deadly wildlife and enemies that roam the land, there are plenty of tactical opportunities to turn the tide of a match – no two matches will play out the same.

To celebrate the launch of Eternal Return’s Cobalt Protocol, Kakao Games will be hosting custom matches against the community, with winners being rewarded 300 Event NP to spend. 

On June 19, a Partner Tournament will also be taking place, which sees four Eternal Return Streamers being invited to play with three of their community members. Anyone viewing these matches via the official Kakao Games or the participating partner’s Twitch channel will receive Secret Twitch Drops, along with the chance to win a selection of Alienware Gaming peripherals, including a gaming headset.

Eternal Return is currently in Early Access and free to play on Steam.

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