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Everrati launches Everrati Advanced Technologies: providing expert EV engineering and class-leading electric vehicle integration solutions

  • Everrati Automotive Limited (Everrati), the leader in redefined and futureproofed automotive icons, launches a new division to meet the growing demand for high-end EV solutions  
  • Everrati Advanced Technologies (EAT) draws on Everrati’s unique combination of OEM engineering experience from highly skilled industry experts, and proven proprietary EV powertrain technology supported by an established supply chain
  • Following exceptional demand for zero-emission vehicles in the specialist and luxury sector, EAT provides customers with high-tech consultancy services from initial concept and feasibility studies through to scalable low-volume production
  • Utilising proven Everrati automotive EV propulsion platforms as a starting point enables almost any type of specialist and luxury vehicle powertrain to be redefined, whether a redefined version of an existing car or an entirely new EV application
  • Everrati’s flagship GT40 represents the pinnacle of redefined EV supercar performance and technology with a bespoke 700-volt architecture that exceeds the performance of the original. The launch of EAT allows class-leading Everrati platforms to support other applications and customers
  • With projects already underway, further strengthening Everrati’s offering comes in the shape of experienced automotive industry expert Ian Fenton, formerly of Aston Martin, who joins as a member of the Advisory Board to develop its international footprint

21st July 2022: Everrati Automotive Limited (Everrati), the leading global technology company specializing in the redefining and futureproofing of automotive icons, today launches a new division that will enable commercial B2B clients to rapidly bring their own specialist and luxury electric vehicles to life.

Everrati Advanced Technologies (“EAT”) draws upon Everrati’s unique combination of engineering experience; amassed from more than 50 years of collective expertise working within automotive OEMs. Utilising proven Everrati automotive EV propulsion system platforms as a starting point, EAT provides consultation on a suite of electrification solutions for commercial clients, from initial concept, analysis services and feasibility study to complete turnkey EV powertrain provision. In addition, EAT will provide software and IP development for bespoke customer requirements.

Initially focused on the low-volume specialist and luxury vehicle sector, EAT will provide design, development, engineering, and production consultancy services, enabling customers to create almost any bespoke EV powertrain solution they desire. Whether a redefined version of an existing vehicle or an entirely new electric propulsion system application.  

Over the last three years, Everrati has developed sector-leading technology, designing, and developing a range of class-leading EV platforms for its portfolio of redefined automotive icons. This highly flexible propulsion system enables the powertrain to be mounted in the front, middle or rear of the vehicle, with drive sent to any combination of wheels. Everrati’s OEM-derived product delivery process and approach to development and testing can be applied to almost any type of vehicle, it allows EAT’s customers to create almost any configuration of luxury EV and accelerate delivery times.

EAT applies Everrati’s own industry-standard and proven product delivery model to seamlessly match customer requirements and delivery processes.

Experience in delivery to multiple global territories allows EAT to work with customers to ensure their product complies with local market regulatory & legislative standards. EAT also expects to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation in 2023.

Sector-leading technology and quality expertise is further backed up by Everrati’s proven integration and applications experience of DC fast charging, battery design and packaging, functional safety, vehicle systems integration and user interface development.

Finally, the company has developed strategic partnerships with leading Tier 1 suppliers, across battery, inverter and e-motor technologies, with EAT bringing together the very best in EV components, alongside Everrati’s own innovations, under one roof.  

The division will support increasing demand for consultancy services and electrification solutions from other luxury sectors including marine and aerospace.

Everrati’s flagship model, the upcoming GT40, represents the pinnacle of redefined performance EV icons. Featuring 800bhp Helix e-motors, a 700-volt architecture, plus high power density batteries and class leading discharge rates with 150kW charging capability; the GT40 brings OEM levels of technology and performance to the sector that EAT customers will now be able to draw on for their own projects.  

Everrati also announces further strengthening of its senior team with Ian Fenton joining as a member of the Advisory Board to develop its international footprint. Bringing 30 years of international experience in the motor industry, Ian has held senior/c-suite roles in Ford of Europe, Ford Motor China, Mazda JV, Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin Lagonda Plc and Aston Martin Works Ltd.

Everrati Founder and CEO, Justin Lunny, said: “We are delighted to launch Everrati Advanced Technologies – a new division of Everrati dedicated to specialist and luxury low volume electric vehicle design and manufacture for third party customers.

“Everrati’s reputation is built on our own OEM-grade proprietary EV platform technology combined with the skills of our team – many of whom have held senior engineering positions at leading automotive brands. This unique combination has quickly driven global demand for our products, which set new standards in the sector. We are now delighted to offer the same levels of expertise to specialist and luxury vehicle brands to support our commercial clients’ electric ambitions.

“These customers range from start-ups to established brands, and all share similar needs: the very latest in cutting-edge, OEM-grade, flexible electrification solutions that will enable them to go zero-emission without delay. It is critical that every brand moves to EVs to meet incoming emissions rules globally. With the support of Everrati’s engineering and development skills, allied to our proprietary EV platform technology and strategic partnerships with leading Tier 1 component manufacturers, Everrati Advanced Technologies will provide specialist and luxury vehicle customers with any level of electrification support, from concept to complete turnkey vehicle solution.

“I am also honoured to welcome Ian Fenton to our senior team. Ian’s highly relevant and deep experience, gleaned from many director positions with leading OEMs, will be invaluable to both Everrati and Everrati Advanced Technologies, further strengthening our offering to all customers.”

With multiple projects already in place with start-ups and established luxury brands, Everrati Advanced Technologies has already begun development work on a number of customer electrification projects, details of which will be announced in the coming months.

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