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Everything To Know About Tennis Tie Breaker Game

Tennis is an outdoor game that is played mostly in American and European countries widely. The score of the game goes as game, sets and matches. The winning of the match is determined by the following

The Tie breaker comes into picture when both the players have won 6 games. These tiebreakers have different rules and are not the same like the regular game rules.

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Here are some of the tie break rules of Tennis.


The serving in Tennis is swapped at the end of every game. However, the swapping does not happen with the tie breaker. The person who was set to serve at the end of last game continues to serve. Unlike the normal game where the same player serves throughout the game, the first server serves till one point is gained.

Consecutive Services

When the first player serves for the first point, the second player serves for the second point. For the third and fourth points, again the first player serves. For the fifth and sixth point, the second player serves. Using items like mejores palas de padel can help.

Serving Sides

In a tie breaker, the first service is done on the right side of the hash. That is the player should shoot the ball standing at the right side of the hash. On the other hand the first service of a regular game is done on the left side of the hash

Switching Sides

In normal tennis, the player would switch sides after the odd games (1, 3 and 5). However, in a tie breaker, the players would remain on the same side, even if it is an odd game. Tie breaker is the thirteenth game, which is an odd game.

After 6 Points

The players change their sides after every game in an ordinary game. However, in a tie breaker, players change their sides after every point.

These above 5 points are the tie break rules which are follow in the Tennis game.

Tips To Win A Tie Breaker

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