Online gambling in Malaysia

Physical casinos are familiar in most of the countries. Malaysia has some strict rules for the restriction of gambling to some of its native population. However, Online casino Malaysia is not extinct. With the help of proxy sites and VPNs, the number of online gambling players is increasing steadily in this country. There are both Malaysian websites and international websites that allow native Malaysians to gamble online. These websites offer various gaming options. Although there are thousands of games available, only a few are players by the majority of players. One such popular game is Texas Hold’em. It is a card comparison game that is popular because of its easy-to-understand gameplay. In this article, let us discuss the gameplay and types of Texas Hold’em in brief.

The gameplay of Texas Hold’em

The objective of the game is to form the best hand using the seven cards in total. In the beginning, the player sitting immediately clockwise to the dealer will have to place a forced bet. The player sitting left of him will place a Big blind. Then the processes will proceed as below.

  • The dealer provides two cards to each player (hole cards)

  • After seeing the hole cards, the immediate player to the dealer can decide to call, raise, or fold the hand (Pre-flop)

  • Then a betting round will happen where players can check, call, or raise the previous bet

  • After the betting round, the dealer will turn first three community cards face up (Flop)

  • The players can see these cards and choose to use them to make a better hand

  • The betting round happens again

  • Fourth and fifth cards of the community cards will face up one after the other (Turn and River)

  • Each time, the players will have a betting round

  • The fifth community card revelation is the last round of bet in the game

  • Showdown takes place to reveal the winner (player with the best hand wins)

Types of Texas Hold’em based on betting limits

Limit Texas Hold’em

In this game, the betting limit will be predetermined. For the pre-flop and flop, the same betting limit will be there while it doubles during the turn and river. The limit to the number of betting per player is four (a bet, raise, re-raise, cap).

No-Limit Texas Hold’em

As the name suggests, there will be no limit to the number of raises. However, the player should place a minimum bet that is equal to the big blind. He can bet any amount higher than his stake or the big blind for any number of times.

Pot Limit Texas Hold’em

In this type, the player should place a bet that is at least equal to the big blind. The maximum size of the bet can be the same as the size of the pot. A player can raise the size of the pot and no higher.

Mixed Texas Hold’em

It is a mix of Limit and No-Limit Hold’em. The game can be switched between the two with a rise in the blinds.