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Fighting Depression by Playing Free Slots for Fun

ByDave Stopher

Nov 16, 2019 #health

Depression, which falls in the class of major depressive disorders, is a mental illness that is not only serious but also continues to affect more and more people every day. This condition is characterised with the loss of hope and energy to handle usual activities. In extreme cases, it can have people staying in bed for days on end without food or showers. Things that were as easy as breathing to complete now become impossible even to begin. Depression is often described by its sufferers as a hole deeper than sadness or grief.

Numerous techniques have come up over the years as a way to combat depression, which has been supported by the mental disease being one of the easiest to treat. One of those that have been at the centre of many discussions on whether it stands as a solution or not is gaming. As time goes by and gaming becomes a popular pastime, the relationship between the two elements becomes a significant topic of review.

In most studies, dealing with depression by playing free slots for fun and other games is rooted in the fact that gaming affects our thoughts. What we think acts as the basis for our feelings, which then reinforces our behaviour. Science does not fully support the notion that games can be used to treat depression, but they have often been turned to as potential solutions to the issue. Some data-driven reasons have been tabled to support their use as an intervention option, and some of them include:

No Money Loss

Research indicates that about 80% of people suffering through depression, especially youngsters, do not have access to proper or any treatment. The golden standard for dealing with this condition, which is dubbed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is costly to make available to the public. Therapy sessions are also considered the best alternative, but most of them come with hefty price tags attached to them.

Free slot games eliminate the cost barrier, and they are available as long as there is internet connectivity. Even if the internet services have to be paid for, the cost does not come close to that of seeing a shrink regularly. Even more, free pokies come fitted with fun credits that are used to place bets. People suffering from depression tend to make impulsive decisions, which can quickly turn real-money gaming into gambling addiction. Demo games eliminate the use of actual cash but still deliver a thrilling gambling experience. For your convenience, we prepare the list of online casinos which provide a good payout service.


Most activities in people’s lives contribute to depression since they involve didactic methods, similar to being in school, which is boring. Meanwhile, playing games usually activates reward pathways since they come with a lot of motivation and goal orientation.

Even though slot games carry a simple gameplay procedure that does not demand too much, they still give players the goal of landing a winning combination or completing a bonus round. Whether the feature involves solving a puzzle or finding hidden objects like in the Ghostbusters Slot, players feel inspired to achieve the goal. In most cases, one can fail even twenty times and still be ecstatic about trying the round one more time. As an outsider looking on the inside, such behaviour can be labelled obsessive. However, for the gambler, it gives them a goal to accomplish, which can act as a learning experience to tackle the rest of their life problems with such enthusiasm.


The usual methods used to prevent and treat depression are built in a one-size-fits-all module, which does not consider the diversity of individuals and the intensity of their problems. Slot games, on the other hand, help to solve this issue by presenting a vast array of options that meet different needs. Even though the games have similar gameplay procedures, they still include complex systems that make each one a unique title. Each player can choose whether they want a calming set with few bonus rounds or action-packed games that have them slaying dragons and rescuing damsels in distress.


Free slots can also be used to fight depression as a way to teach players to acquire regulation strategies to keep their emotions in check. Most conventional methods are identified as problematic when it comes to holding patients’ attention span due to their homework-like nature. Games, on the other hand, can keep one’s attention span for hours, which can inspire negative emotions when pulled away. Therefore, by learning to identify the root of issues, proper regulation strategies can be put in place to control emotional outbursts.


As much as depression affects millions around the world, a lot of people are hesitant to get help due to the stigma that comes with being linked to mental health issues. A lot of people confess to being labelled insane or puny for seeking help. Engaging in slots gameplay, however, has no stigma linked to it, making it a stealthy approach towards solving the issue.

Free Slots to Try

The range of slot games to try out as a way to mitigate depression is limitless with thousands of options lined up online. The choice of games depends on the preferences of the gamer, and some of those that come highly ranked by players include:

  • Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror: Cast your worries into the land of magic and other wonders with the NetEnt slot Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror. The set is based on the famous story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs where the evil queen fights to be the fairest in all of the land. The highlights of the pokie are its bonus features, which give gamers more to look forward to other than credit payouts. When all is well on the grid, gamblers collect incentives like the Mirror Respin, Fairy Surprise, Mining Bonus, Fairy Magic Spin, and others.
  • Sam on the Beach: The sandy beaches of the coast in Sam on the Beach inspire a calming gaming session. Sam and his friends grace the screen as icons with a stretch of blue water meeting with a cloud-dotted sky take up the back of the screen. Gamers can win as many as 227,520 credits in a single spin along with Beach Memories respins and free rounds.
  • The Legend of Shangri La: Shangri La is described as a mythical land that is everything one can imagine of an earthly paradise. Players can travel to this permanently happy land with the slot The Legend of Shangri La with the guidance of various gurus that have mastered the Himalayan utopia. The game pays in clusters rather than conventional win lines, and the highest win amounts to ten thousand points.
  • Lucky Bakery: Foxium treats gamblers with a sweet tooth to a buffet of the sweets and cakes in the Lucky Bakery Slot. Punters do not have to worry about cavities and other whatnots with payouts being granted in the form of credits of up to five hundred.


Playing slot machine games for fun can be an excellent way to deal with depression. Even so, it is advisable to try out the method alongside another proven one that is likely recommended by a professional. As much as games act as engines that drive emotional change, they can fail to be sufficient considering the degree of depression you are suffering from. For instance, it will take a lot more than a couple spins in slot games to fix severe depression. Also, too much gaming has been coined as a cause of depression, so the practice is a double-edged sword. Approaching slot games with an escapist mentality where one wants to numb unpleasant thoughts can only end in a bigger issue. Take a rigorous approach to solving the problem and use the free pokies as a complementary approach.

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