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Finding a Coding Lessons Provider for Kids


Sep 10, 2021

There’s a crisis looming in the global labour marketplace, one that can send ripples into the future: the IT skill gap.

Without the proper interventions, businesses and even governments may have to scramble to find qualified professionals to ensure that necessary work gets done.

But this same problem can be turned into an opportunity for your kid, a lucrative one at that if he takes coding lessons.

Why is there an IT skill gap?

But why exactly is there an IT skill gap?

It is no understatement to say that modern life is anchored upon the foundation of programming languages – from the apps on your phone to the software you use for work. Simply put, without coding, you’d probably miss some of the convenient and nifty features of various devices.

Although the IT skill gap varies from one country to another, it’s there, and active measures need to be taken to close that gap.

But what is a skill gap? Essentially, it means that the demand for a particular skill, in this case, IT skills, is considerably higher than the available supply.

With more and more organisations becoming more reliant on computer technology, the need for people with IT skills, especially coding skills, increases.

There is no one cause for this skill gap. Rather, there are many causes behind this tricky situation.

Increased demand for computer science pros

As previously mentioned, the demand for people with coding knowledge and other skills has increased as more organisations rely on computers and various software for different tasks at the workplace.

The number of IT pros has dwindled

The smaller number of IT graduates is further complicating the surge in demand for people with specialised skills like computer programming. Worse, the skills in the workplace are constantly evolving, reflecting innovations in computer science.

Missed opportunities

Although the way institutions teach coding has changed, allowing students to acquire IT skills, organisations are slow to recognise these professionals. Some companies still emphasise university degrees when vital IT skills can now be learned and developed faster. Organisations are missing out or deliberately ignoring people well-versed in programming language simply because they lack the traditional college degree.

Coding for kids – turning a crisis into an opportunity

While governments and business organisations are taking active measures to reduce the IT skill gap, there is still a lot to do.

And in light of this impending crisis, you can take full advantage of this by encouraging your child to take coding lessons for kids. By acquiring in-demand coding skills, your child can stand out from his peers and get opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to him.

But even if your child doesn’t want to pursue a career in IT, there are other benefits readily available to him if he takes coding classes. These include becoming a better problem solver, being more creative, and being more confident and patient.

Sure, it’s cool to learn basic code or even different coding languages. But beyond those, offline and online coding classes can provide him with essential soft skills and values that will help your little one thrive in his professional and personal life.

For parents who want to secure a better future for their children, coding for kids might be the answer they are searching for.

Coding for kids – finding the right school

But why should you enrol your child in a coding class? While the idea of integrating basic coding into the school curriculum has gained traction in various corners of the world, some programs are not enough to sustain a lifelong love for coding. It’s also possible that the person who teaches kids basic code classes may have limited knowledge of the subject.

More often than not, the better course of action to take is to enrol your child in one of the offline or online coding courses in your area.

But with so many institutions offering coding for kids classes, how do you choose the right one for your young one? Here are a few tips from Software Academy.


One of the first things that you need to consider in choosing a course provider is accessibility.

If the coding classes are going to be done in a traditional classroom setting, you’ll need to find a school that is easily accessible for you. Otherwise, you’ll end up using a huge chunk of time travelling.

You also have to check class schedules to see whether any of these fit your kid’s schedule, especially if he has other activities after school.

If going to a conventional school doesn’t work for you and your child, you might want to consider checking online coding courses.

Teaching method

A good coding program for kids will focus on the students, ensuring that they remain engaged with their subjects.

That’s why the best course providers use a slew of different techniques, from using interactive stories to helping children in creating games. All of these can contribute to making programming concepts more accessible to young children.

Class size

Ideally, the class size should be relatively small. This will help ensure that every student, including your child, is given proper attention by the course instructor.

Teaching staff

Apart from programming skills, the teachers in your chosen school should have undergone a thorough background check for your peace of mind. While technical expertise in basic programming and beyond is critical, a positive attitude and good background are just as important.


What’s included in the program?

Perhaps your child wants to learn a specific coding language or wants to create his own games or learn web development. Whatever his goals for learning how to code, your chosen program should make your child’s coding journey a pleasant experience.

Coding classes for kids – opportunities abound

The current IT skills gap presents both a problem and an opportunity for people with foresight.

But before you enrol your child in offline or online classes for coding, be sure that he has a genuine interest in it. Do not push him to take classes when he’s interested in other things. If he does want to take those classes, give him your full support.

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