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Fit Mumma helps women to achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 14.14.01A woman who overcame sexual abuse and went on to build a successful career competing in bodybuilding competitions is using the lessons she learned to help other people to get fit and lose weight.

Sonia Redpath, who is originally from southern England but now lives in Gosforth, will launch her online health and fitness course Fit Mumma this month. The 12-week programme is an achievable step-by-step course offering advice on a physical, mental and emotional level coupled with support and guidance on food, exercise and weight-loss. Sonia already has more than 3,000 fans on Facebook.

Sonia, who was diagnosed with dyslexia at 43, suffered from post-traumatic stress and depressions after being assaulted. But she has also been diagnosed as having post-traumatic growth – the ability to go on and do positive things after treatment.

She initially channelled her efforts into bodybuilding and met husband Robbie, a fitness expert (who has worked with professional rugby players,)  at a European championship in Italy. The couple have a 12-year-old son Jason, who came up with the name Fit Mumma to describe Sonia.

Sonia said: “To be successful is not about hearing what you want to hear from a counsellor, it’s about real hard work and dedication.

“Fit Mumma combines my skills and Robbie’s skills in a course that is doable for ordinary people. I’m there to offer advice and support all the time but you have to be committed – you have to be accountable and clock in and out and report on your progress.”

The complete programme brings together Sonia and Robbie’s 30 years’ of experience in fitness in a comprehensive course. Users receive phone calls, are set home work, individual action plans and can access webinars. Sonia has also designed a healthy cooking element of the course and is planning to publish an accompanying book.

All profits from the business are going towards a place at ballet school to help Jason, a talented dancer, to achieve his dream of becoming a professional.

Sonia is back in training after a break from bodybuilding and has just successfully returned to competition at the Princess Theatre, Cardiff. After finishing third in the Physical Cultural Association competition, she now feels that a part of her that was taken during her darker days has returned and that her confidence and sense of wellbeing is at a new high level.

“Being a survivor of abuse leads to all sorts of anxieties which can manifest in both physical and mental form, taking part in the competition has helped me to see my true worth and use my new found confidence to focus on my future and not my past.”

Sonia is combining this with her passion for public speaking, where she uses the story of overcoming her dark start in life and her dyslexia to motivate people to reach their true potential.

She said: “I am in a great place now with my family life and my career, and I want to use the skills and lessons I’ve learned getting there to help other people achieve their health, fitness and weight-loss goals.”

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