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Five Benefits of Using Cloud VPS

Cloud storage refers to the storage, management, and processing of data on a network of remote servers that are hosted on the internet. These servers can be used by multiple people who have data to work with. This is like having a gym subscription that allows you and other members to use and share the space and the gym weights while you’re there.

Virtual private storage refers to the same manipulation of data, but on a private network of servers that are hosted on the internet. This is like having a gym subscription that allows you to go to the gym and share the space, but to use the equipment exclusively, without having to share weights with anyone.

Cloud VPS is a combination of cloud storage and VPS, where data is managed and processed on a dedicated remote server, which is also part of a cluster of servers connected to the internet but is able to dedicate its resources to one user. This is like having a mobile gym park outside your house on the days you want to exercise and move on when you are done.

With that analogy in mind, it is easy to see that employing cloud VPS as a business holds a number of distinct advantages. Listed below are five of them, which you should bear in mind when deciding on what storage options to use:


When using public cloud servers, users must typically purchase a specific set of options. If the needs of the company changes and are beyond the capacity of the servers, difficulties arise. With cloud VPS, users are able to change their storage options based on their needs. For example, Memset allows users to add their storage space, RAM, or processor capacity without having to switch servers or experience downtime.

Guaranteed resource availability

As already mentioned, using cloud VPS is like having your mobile gym bring you equipment when you are ready to exercise. This means you always have the resources you want, anytime you need them, without having to worry about other users who are subscribed to the gym or server.

Reduced costs

As can be imagined, the benefits listed above have the added effect of reducing costs for cloud VPS users. Just like using a mobile gym that only charges as used, users don’t have to worry about the cost of maintaining a server or of paying for resources they aren’t using.

Strong security

Just as there is less chance of getting hit with a flying weight at home than in the gym, cloud VPS is known to be very secure. Resources are dedicated solely to each user, and multi-layered levels of security are also put in place to keep dedicated resources safe.


Just as users are only able to purchase a fixed set of storage options in a public cloud, they are also limited to the types of programs that can be run on the cloud. Cloud VPS gives no such restrictions, and users are free to install as many applications and programs as desired.

The benefits of employing cloud VPS speak for themselves as the ideal solution for small and medium scale businesses. If you are trying to decide on the best storage option to choose from, you will want the benefits it could provide you and your company.

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