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Five engagement rings trends that are trending in 2022!

  • DiamondsByMe has revealed the top engagement ring trends that are trending in 2022
  • From vintage nostalgia to gender neutral rings, these are the trends you need to know about if you’re thinking of popping that all important question

Over the past 12 months, searches* for ‘engagement ring inspiration’ have seen an increase of 50%. Suggesting that many Brits are looking to pop the question but are struggling when it comes to choosing that perfect ring.

To help DiamondsByMe has revealed the top engagement ring trends that those fiance-to-be’s need to know about!

  1. Colour is making a comeback

It appears that many people are swapping out diamonds for coloured gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. If you’re looking to experiment with colour but don’t know where to start, consider choosing a gemstone of your partners favourite colour or perhaps their birthstone colour.

  1. Vintage nostalgia

Over the past 12 months, searches for ‘unique vintage engagement ring’ have seen a huge increase (89%). More people are looking to buy new rings that have vintage features. Diamond cuts, yellow gold double halo rings, as well as turquoise and blue enamel colours are all examples of what to look out for if you’re wanting that vintage look.

  1. Sentimental pieces

Getting engaged is an extremely emotional time, and it can be made even more special when your ring incorporates inherited jewellery. From using gemstones from your grandmother’s engagement ring to re-purposing diamonds from your mothers’ favourite necklace; re-using gemstones of inherited jewellery is a trend that is become increasingly popular, which is no surprise as it comes with such a special sentiment.

  1. Bespoke beauty

Search terms for ‘design your own engagement ring’ have increased by 100% over the past 12 months. When planning a proposal, it can be difficult to find that perfect ring, which is why it’s no surprise that many of those planning to propose are choosing to design their own. DiamondsByMe revealed that more people are becoming comfortable with the idea of creating their own ring as they want it to be 100% their style. Choosing to go with a bespoke ring promises an exciting and personal journey that you’re guaranteed to never forget.

  1. Gender neutral rings

Trends suggest that more customers are beginning to gravitate towards gender neutral rings. People are now expressing themselves through different styles and not just choosing the traditional solitaire or halo ring, for example. So, if you’re looking to propose, don’t be afraid to experiment and go with the option that you know your partner will truly adore, no matter what the style!

For more inspiration on how to choose the perfect engagement ring visit: https://www.diamondsbyme.co.uk/engagement-rings/

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