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Five Great Benefits Of A SIM-only Deal


Apr 15, 2020


  1. A SIM-only Deal Can Help You Save Money

A SIM-only deal can help you save money as it is cheaper than a traditional mobile phone contract. This is because this deal’s price doesn’t include the handset cost and the only thing you have to pay for is the use of the Sim card. A traditional mobile contract, on the other hand, includes the handset cost. A SIM-only deal is ideal for those who own a mobile phone or would like to buy a mobile phone separately. Check out these deals on smartphonechecker.co.uk.

  1. This Deal Is More Flexible

One of the best things about a SIM-only deal is that it can be very short term. In fact, some of the contracts can only last for 30 days on a rolling monthly basis. This enables you to renew your contract month by month making a SIM-only deal more flexible. You can do Pay as you go contracts for 6, 12 or 24 months if necessary. Besides, there is no wastage of money as you will only be charged for the data, minutes and texts you use.

  1. It Makes It Easier for You to Buy Another Phone

Most mobile phone contracts last for about 2 years. By the time a 2-year contract expires, phone companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony and so on will have released dozens of new smartphones. A SIM-only deal will allow you to buy the latest mobile phone as you are not tied in by your mobile phone and you can buy a new phone any time you feel like doing so.

  1. A SIM-only Deal Makes It Easier for You to Look For A Better Mobile Deal

With a short SIM-only mobile deal, you can look for the best mobile deal. If you realize that you are using up your data or minutes, consider switching to a new SIM-only mobile phone deal and switch to a new tariff. The only thing you have to do is to insert your new sim card into your phone.

  1. It Can Be Dual Purpose

If you want to use your phone for home and work purposes, it may be good to consider a SIM-only deal. A dual-SIM smartphone allows you to use two sim cards on it meaning that you can use one device for home and work purposes.

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