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Five Reasons Why Choosing a Career in Research is the Right Fit for you

ByDarshan Shah

Sep 7, 2020 #Business

When it comes to Research, there are a lot of common misconceptions buzzing around that end up blurring the true picture. Exams for entry in Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) provide a clear pathway into a research-oriented career, but the roadmap to achieving this feat remains unclear. For instance, the CSIR NET eligibility criteria requires that the candidate must hold a Science degree with at least 55% marks, and for many aspirants, demystifying this strategic plan from start to finish, seems cumbersome.

Let’s talk about five reasons why choosing and pursuing a career in Research is not as hard as it looks, and that it can be the right fit for you going forward.

  • Interesting Subject Matter – A career in research offers interesting courses, theories, formulas, derivations, axioms, and thesis, all of which stimulate a sense of curiosity within the student. You can get a good feel of what lies ahead just by going through the CSIR NET exam pattern. Furthermore, project work results in a hands-on experience and makes the student future-ready. Being able to implement such engrossing subjects on a real-time basis results in an increased level of expertise in the long run. Moreover, working as a research student/scholar offers multiple avenues to conjure new theories, question the old ones, and get it all published in reputed journals. And this is all driven by the fascinating nature of the research material.

  • Research can Make a Difference – The results of your research project or thesis could have far-reaching benefits across a plethora of areas. These could be ranging from social, cultural and health issues to scientific and technological breakthroughs that could transform everyday living for thousands of people on the globe. Being able to actuate such high magnitudes of change is no joke. Every brain cell that you burn while understanding concepts will ultimately create a product that might enhance the quality of living in some way or the other.

  • Diversity and Unpredictability – Pursuing a career in research allows you to experiment with cutting-edge technology,  try out new ideas, meet interesting people and take part in engaging discussions. Also, Research is wide-ranging, as it includes Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, along with fields like natural and life sciences, engineering. It may range from statistical analysis to demographic investigations, or it may involve meticulous analysis of historical or philosophical relevance. But what’s truly mesmerizing is the interdisciplinary character of research projects, which eventually results in collaborations across different disciplines, leading to groundbreaking revelations.

  • Acquiring Skills That Never go to Waste – While sincerely pursuing research, the skills one acquires can be transferred to many other fields. Apart from the skills of critical and analytical thinking which are infused heavily in researchers, there are specific skills which can be adapted to other career paths with ease. Researchers are meant to attain expertise in mathematics, statistics, or in written communication, all of which are pivotal in forging a career path elsewhere. Basically, it opens up a variety of different career prospects to choose from.

  • Rapid Career Progression – For an ambitious and determined researcher, the chance to work in a variety of labs becomes an opportunity of a lifetime. Moreover, being a valued researcher is rewarding in its own regard, particularly if you’re carrying out the job on a daily basis to back it up. The collaborative nature of research broadens your mind by getting you in touch with like-minded people who contribute to the growth of your specific research, and eventually your career, in unforeseen and unnoticed ways. Inculcating adaptation, curiosity and teamwork skills will aid in the formulation of viable research, and fastrack your holistic growth.

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