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Apr 18, 2019

ION8 Leakproof Water Bottle (1000ml), £16.99 from Leakproof.

With the ION8 Quench Water Bottle you will not be left disappointed, stay energised and hydrated, with up to 1000ml capacity it’s your gym, fitness and outdoor water buddy. Offering a soft touch frosted exterior, it’s scratch resistance makes it super practical for exploring and those busy working dads on the go. Open at just the touch of a button, the flip top effortlessly springs open with a single push, meanwhile the added lid lock follows clicking reassuringly into place – 100% leak proof, 100% of the time!

Boost Oxygen (Menthol-Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Natural, Peppermint), 9L £19.99, 5L £14.99 from Boost Oxygen.

Leading the way in forward thinking health and wellbeing innovation, it’s Oxygen in a can. Boasting additional essential oil aromas to help enhance the experience of oxygen intake. Each active ingredient offers additional benefits for both the body and mind. Perfect for those active dads who need a little TLC. Such as Peppermint to help improve athletic performance, Menthol Eucalyptus to relieve mental fatigue whilst assisting memory and mental performance and Grapefruit to relieve stress, boost metabolism and help to uplift your mood.


Pro Plus 36, £365.00 from Varidesk.

Is your dad struggling with the aches and pains of a traditional computer based working dynamic? Struggle no more with the gift that keeps on giving, the Pro Plus 36 sit standing desk from Varidesk. Reap the rewards of this fantastic sit standing desk to maintain a harmonious work-life balance feeling healthier, happier and even more productive. Taking you from sitting to standing in just 3 seconds, the two tiered design is ideal for a dual monitor setup allowing the separation of your laptop and monitors from other computer accessories.


12 Cup Filtration Jug, £39.99 from ZeroWater.

Give your dad that gentle reminder to stay hydrated throughout the day with the Zero Water Filtration Jug. Using next generation filter technology it’s the only brand that removes 99.6% of all tap water impurities – the equivalent of purified bottled water in your own home. Offering first rate affordability, design, practicality and usage, Zero Water makes the perfect paring,  premium five-stage ion exchange technology combined with a pour-through system delivers the best filtration removing virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS).

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