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DUNTON, Essex, 16 August, 2018 – A Ford Mondeo hybrid entered into the weekend’s Layer Marney Cup run in Essex returned 123.77mpg on the 80-mile route.

Driven by rally driver-turned-hypermiler, Andy Dawson, and co-driver John Chillman, the Mondeo averaged almost 55mpg more than the second-placed hybrid.

Powered by a 140PS 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, the powertrain is assisted by the equivalent of 47PS from the hybrid’s lithium ion battery to produce 187PS total.

Priced £650 less than the nearest matching diesel powertrain in the Mondeo range, the hybrid is charged on the move by recouping lost energy while braking rather than needing to be plugged in. 

Layer Marney-winning driver Andy Dawson said: “It has been my aim to achieve more than 100mpg in a petrol car for some time, and 123mpg achieved that by quite some margin thanks to man and machine. In this case my machine’s ‘brake coach’ encouraged gradual braking to maximise the energy I saved.”

Andy turned to maximising the fuel economy of the Mondeo hybrid after successfully entering new Ford Fiestas in October’s MPG Marathon, when his team broke records achieving 97mpg with the petrol EcoBoost and 122mpg from a diesel Fiesta.

Owen Gregory, Ford of Britain fleet director, said: “Congratulations to Andy, John and the Mondeo hybrid for returning such a ‘green’ result in a large car. We’re seeing increased interest in the car based on the range anxiety associated with a battery all-electric vehicle and avoiding stationary charging, which is difficult anyway without off-street parking.”

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