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Four Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Fly Without

ByDave Stopher

Sep 21, 2020 #North East

Flying has never been more inconvenient. Not only do you have to spend hours in a confined space, but there’s stricter regulations for passengers than ever before. You might even dread getting on a plane and taking off, knowing you’ll be uncomfortable and have limited access to your self-care essentials.

That’s why we’ve compiled the list of the four essential items you need to make air travel better. Read on to find out what you need to add to your carry-on, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

  1. A Durable Vape

When you’re on the road, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your vices. But if you’re bringing a low-quality vape in a checked bag for when you land, you might wake up to a mess. Your bag could be thrown around in the shuffle, damaging the device and spraying liquid all over your belongings.

However, a RELX vape won’t leak all over your stuff. It’s built with 11 layers to keep your vaping liquid sealed inside no matter what.

  1. An External Battery

If you’re addicted to your phone or laptop, or you’re just on a business trip and need to take advantage of every second of work time you’ve got, you need to have an external battery. An external battery allows you to power your phone, iPad, wireless headphones, and whatever other devices you may carry without being reliant on an outlet. These batteries are sometimes known as power banks and are invaluable if you want to stay connected on-the-go.

Typically, an external battery carries enough power to charge an iPhone or iPad two or three times. But some companies are now manufacturing heavy-duty external power banks strong enough to charge a laptop. Power banks are usually made from a lithium-ion battery and both charge up your items efficiently.

Depending on where you’re flying, there may be some restrictions on the size of the lithium-ion battery you can carry onboard. So, before you stick your battery in your luggage, double-check any restrictions your airline carrier, or the country or flying to, may have.

  1. Two Pairs of Headphones

The third item on our list of flight necessities is two pairs of headphones! Whenever you take to the skies, you should be traveling with two pairs of headphones. If you ever accidentally snap a wire or find that one earbud isn’t working mid-flight, there isn’t always a free pair given by an airline. If you’re forced to buy a pair of earbuds on a flight when they are available, you may find you’re paying a high price for subpar earbuds too. Altogether, it’s far better to carry your own backup pair of headphones when you fly.

Plus, if you carry two different styles of headphones when you travel, then it’s easy to swap them out if ears hurt after wearing one style too long. All in all, being prepared with two pairs of headphones is never going to hurt you.

  1. A Copy of Your License

Whenever you take a trip, you need to bring a backup copy of your identification with you. Whether you’ve got a black and white copy of your passport, an old license tucked away somewhere in your checked luggage, or just an image scanned on a secure drive online, you’re going to feel safe with a backup.

Bottom Line

Finding your personalized set of travel essentials isn’t as simple as it seems. These four products have made our lives easier as we hit the road. However, as you travel more, you’ll discover your own essentials to add to the must-have list!

If you prioritize your comforts, plan ahead, and take care of your body, and you are sure to have a great trip.

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