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Free hotdesks as Peacock patrons plug in and print

CUSTOMERS of a newly renovated Sunderland pub are being invited to plug in and print, with the launch of free to use hot-desking space.

The Peacock, which opened its doors in May, is offering clients facilities to plug in to easily accessible power outlets, access free Wi-Fi and even make use of the pub’s printer, making it an ideal ‘touch down’ space for business people and students in the city.

The pub, formerly The Londonderry, hopes the launch of the hot-desking space – which is also available at sister-venue, The Dun Cow – will encourage patrons to make use of its facilities during the day, between meetings or lectures.

Dan Luke, the manager of the Dun Cow and Peacock – both operated by Pub Culture – said: “The Peacock and Dun Cow both offer really relaxed environments for customers, and with more businesspeople in the city centre – coming from places like Sunderland Software Centre and, of course, more to come when the first building on Vaux opens next summer – as well as plenty of students from the university and college’s city campuses, we want to offer a space where customers can comfortably work as well as enjoy the time spent here.

“We’re keen not to destroy the planet, so printing is limited, but Wi-Fi and power is unlimited, and we’ve got plenty of drinks behind the bar to keep people suitably refuelled.  It’s a perfect space for people to come in and work for an hour or two when they’re on the go.”

The Peacock – which was the original name of the pub on the former-Londonderry site – has proven a hit with Sunderland customers since undergoing a dramatic transformation, that took twelve weeks of building work to complete. It is one of a number of new venues that have sprung up in the so-called Cultural Quarter in High Street West, which will be further-enhanced when the Old Fire Station opens in November, followed by a 450 seater, £6million auditorium, which got the green light in March, 2017.

To find out more about The Peacock, search ThePeacockSun on Facebook and Twitter.

By Emily

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