As the side effects of the COVID19 virus outbreak begin to manifest itself on the healthy population in the form of anxiety and stress, Yorkshire clinical hypnotherapist Amy Brown of Power of Your Mind is offering complimentary one-to-one therapy online for people who have been identified as key workers.

The session, or series of sessions, can particularly benefit individuals suddenly finding themselves removed from their own support network of family and friends while under increased pressure to continue working to provide a vital service to others.  NHS staff, teachers, delivery drivers, transport and supermarket workers are all invited to seek help in this way.

Using a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy, the hour-long sessions are tailored to suit each individual, addressing whatever particular issues they are struggling with in the crisis, such as missing their children or elderly parents, dealing with isolated bereavement, financial concerns and exposure to the virus.

The therapy is delivered through Skype or Zoom. Anyone with a smartphone, laptop, tablet or webcam can access the complimentary therapy service and those not familiar with using Skype or Zoom are offered pre-session assistance over the phone or with an online video as to how to download and use the free software.

Running alongside the free therapy for key-workers (as defined by the government), Amy is also offering a discounted session open to anyone else struggling with social distancing and self-isolating at this time. The Mind Massage is a guided relaxation session which offers all the benefits that a physical massage would have on the body but is applied to the subconscious mind.  She explains:

“Many people are already struggling with the combined physical and mental deprivations associated with being in lockdown. With self-rejuvenating trips to hairdressers, spas and gyms now no longer possible, I’ve developed The Mind Massage session to help bolster clients’ flagging spirits and find the positives within their own psyche to cope with our new socially-distanced lives.”

Amy has also created a Facebook group for people to gain support and connection with others on social media, entitled Positive Wellbeing Support Group during Coranavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).

Both the free therapy for key-workers and the Mind Massage sessions can be booked by calling 01756 699136, with more information on the service at