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Fresh Food Capitals of the UK


Sep 22, 2019 #Business, #Food & Drink

If you’re keen to avoid supermarket chains, then you might consider visiting your local market or high street to complete your weekly food shop – but which UK city ranks the highest for access to fresh food? Range cooker retailer Leisure has analysed cities around the UK to reveal which has the highest number of butchers, bakeries, greengrocers, fishmongers and farmers markets per capita. You can view the interactive graphic here.

It is thought that there are currently around 6.5 million adults who follow either a vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan lifestyle in the UK, but there are predicted to be 12 million more people following these lifestyles by 2020. Combined with an increased sense of ethical consumerism and health awareness, the UK has seen significant growth of organic and premium types of fresh food and a greater demand for fresh fruit and vegetables. So which UK cities are leading the way with their availability of fresh produce? 

Crowned as the number one fresh food capital of the UK is York, with a score of 69 in the Fresh Food Index. With an overall population of 153, 717, the city has three farmer markets, three fishmongers, and 24 butchers for all your fish and meat needs. Vegan, vegetarian or just trying to cut down on your meat consumption? York also has 15 greengrocers and 47 bakeries, meaning there is a huge amount of outlets available for you to do your fresh food shopping.

The northern region of the UK is leading the way in access to fresh foods, with three out of five top-scoring cities being based in the northern regions of England including: York (69), Manchester (66) and Chester (57).

By Nicci