Simon Bailes Peugeot is continuing its support of the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children as the charity celebrates its 25thanniversary.

Simon Bailes is partnering with the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Northallerton Group to support a visit of 16 children – nine girls and seven boys – who are visiting the town and region for four weeks from 17th June. It will be Simon Bailes’ 21st year supporting the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children.

Each year, the charity provides a month of love and respite care for those children who stay with local host families in the Northallerton area.

During their stay, Simon Bailes has organised a sail day for the children on 19th June. The children will spend the day with the Ocean Youth Trust North, which is a charity specialising in the personal development of young people and adults through the unique medium of ocean sailing. Through sailing they help young people and adults, irrespective of their background, escape the difficulties that they face at home. They acquire a range of life skills learnt while working as a team and rising to the challenge of the sea. Participants in the programme learn to overcome personal fears and obstacles and go on to shape a brighter future for themselves and their community.

As well as this, each visiting child will enjoy a good home with a loving, caring family with clean air, visits to a local doctor, dentist and optician for vital health and wellbeing checks, and will also be treated to new clothing and footwear as well as a variety of fun and educational activities over the four-week period.

The Friends of Chernobyl’s Children was established in 1994 by Olwyn Keogh MBE and has since grown to become a national charity, which raises funds to bring at risk children from Belarus to the United Kingdom for a month each year.

Alison Shepherd, co-ordinator of Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Northallerton, said: “We are indebted to Simon for his kindness and generosity to us over the years. Providing a new pair of shoes for so many children makes such a vital difference. Most of these children come in hand-me down clothing and shoes that don’t fit. For most (if not all), it’s the first time they will have had their feet measured properly.

“Simon also takes our group out for a full day’s activity. Last year the children had a brilliant day at Beamish. This year excitement will reach fever-pitch when they realise what’s in store for them with the Ocean Youth Trust. We cannot thank Simon enough for his support year in, year out. 21 years helping our group is an amazing achievement – thank you very much!”

Simon Bailes, CEO of Simon Bailes Peugeot, said: “We have enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children and are delighted to be supporting this fantastic charity again in its milestone year. There are many fun-filled activities organised for this year’s visit, including our sail day, along with plenty of gifts and crucial health and wellbeing checks for each child.

“The four-week visit is one we look forward to every year as it is always nice to welcome a new group of children to the area to provide them with lasting, enjoyable memories of their time in England.”

For further information about the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Northallerton Group, visit: