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  • £1 car rental service cuts cost of airport parking
  • DriiveMe.co.uk customers avoid average airport parking fees of £55 a day
  • Using the service could not be easier, simply visit DriiveMe.co.uk to book

Innovative car rental service DriiveMe.co.uk is aiming to revolutionise air travel by giving passengers the chance to dodge sky-high airport parking charges.

The average cost of official parking at a UK airport is a whopping £55 for a single day and an eye-watering £120 per week.

But DriiveMe.co.uk users could drive directly to the airport and avoid the charges altogether.

Better still, every DriiveMe.co.uk rental costs a flat rate of just £1 – a nominal fee needed to activate the insurance.

Trevor Lambert of DriiveMe.co.uk said: “Parking is not only one of the biggest headaches of air travel, it’s also one of the biggest expenses. Most of us wince at just how much it costs when we pull into an airport car park, even for the shortest of trips.

Until now, the only alternative was to use an airport parking service that’s usually located miles away and requires a bus ride to and from the terminal.

But using DriiveMe.co.uk makes perfect sense. The vast majority of the cars on our system need to go to airport hubs and so shrewd travellers could very often drive right up to the car rental drop off area and drop the car off. And all for the princely sum of a quid.”

DriiveMe.co.uk operates by helping car rental companies cut costs by pairing drivers with cars and vans that need to be returned to a particular outlet – often an airport.

The simple-to-use system makes it easy for users to plan one-way journeys and save themselves a small fortune on standard vehicle rental or public transport.

Users simply log-on to DriiveMe.co.uk, find an available vehicle, pay the nominal £1 fee and pay for the fuel. If a route is not instantly available, DriiveMe.co.uk offers the ability to request a journey, notifying the user if a vehicle becomes available.

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