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Going big and butch in the city

Motoring Writer IAN LAMMING heads to the big city in the security of the new Citroën C5 Aircross

OH NO, I’m leaving my rural idyll so I need a vehicle that looks hard.

Head towards urbanised life and drivers take on the rage of an angry man…or woman. Courtesy, kindness and consideration fly out of the window as shuffling from A to B becomes a dog eat dog affair.

Having presence on the road is a life-saver so don’t go anywhere in a little hatch, you will be bullied to oblivion before being eaten alive.

What is needed is something that looks big and butch, mean and menacing; something with a bit of height, bulk and girth.

That said, miles have to be travelled and with a limited purse, economy is in the forefront of the mind.

Citroën’s new C5 Aircross fits the bill nicely. It’s extra chunky, looks like it could knock you out of the ring, but is deceptively manageable if you have to leave it in a tight spot.

It’s also pretty comfy thanks to Citroën’s Advanced Comfort® programme which features suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®. I won’t go all technical on you, save to say it’s a serene ride.

If that isn’t enough the advanced comfort seats – three individual, sliding, incline-adjustable and folding rear repositories – make C5 Aircross the most modular and spacious SUV in its segment. Depending on where the seats lie, boot capacity varies from 580 to 720 litres and even up to 1,630-litres with the second row seats folded down, apparently setting a new standard in the segment.

The latest addition to the Aircross range also has a mind-boggling 20 latest-generation driver assistance systems and six advanced connectivity technologies – they should keep me safe.

Is there connectivity? Oh yeah! Driver and passengers are offered intuitive systems at the cutting edge of technology, so they are never more than a dab away from their digital universe. There’s an 8” tablet with a capacitive touchscreen, which allows users to adjust their car’s settings, access the multimedia system, telephone, air conditioning, and navigation system, as well as the Mirror Screen function, Citroën Connect Nav.

Advanced soundproofing with reduced road and wind noise, thanks to double-laminated front windows with an insulated layer, makes the interior cocoon-like. It means you can’t hear the abuse being hurled your way by irate drivers, though it doesn’t shield you if you can lipread.

If things get too heated there is always the surprisingly peppy performance to drive you clear from confrontation. What is a sizable car only sports an on-paper modestly sized motor – 1.2 litres, three cylinders – but it comes with a turbocharger and therefore offers an impressive 130bhp and widespread of torque, more than enough to spirit you away. Also useful is the mid-40s miles per gallon so you are not held to ransom by motorway service stations.

Before you know it, C5 Aircross has returned us all safely to the countryside, home and our rural bubble. The taste of urban life hasn’t been too bitter and that has to be because of the many talents of the Citroën C5 Aircross.

Fact File
Citroen C5 Aircross Flair
Engine: 1.2 three cylinder turbo-charged petrol
Power: 130hp
0-62mph 10.5 secs
Top speed: 117mph
Combined MPG: 44.2
Transmission: six speed manual
CO2 g/km: 119
Price: £28,270.00