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Good People Go Through Bad Times

If You Can´t Pay Your Debts, There Is A Solution.

Many people and companies are going through complicated financial situations nowadays. There are times in life when a person has many debts and suddenly he or she is no longer able to pay them. Therefore, filing bankruptcy is one of the best options to solve this situation. This is a second opportunity provided by the law for all those individuals or companies who can no longer pay debts and through bankruptcy, these are eliminated or restored. One of the benefits we have in the United States is that anyone can file for bankruptcy. Companies also file for bankruptcy. For a person to file for bankruptcy, one of the first steps is to receive a credit briefing from san diego bankruptcy lawyer. This can be received by phone, online, or in person. With decades of experience litigating cases against billion-dollar automotive manufacturers, MLG’s trial attorneys are uniquely skilled at handling all types of complex litigation. This unique experience has given our attorneys a keen understanding of how large companies think, and how to beat them at every turn. Through decades of experience, we have learned how to defeat wealthy companies that were considered “unbeatable” – an experience that transcends industries throughout. So, whether your matter is against a billion-dollar automotive conglomerate, or an opponent in a different industry, our trial lawyers are equipped to handle the charge. Go through for the best MLG Attorneys at law.

Chapter 7 And 13 Can Benefit You

When you file for bankruptcy, you must rely on a bankruptcy attorney in Knoxville and choose what type of bankruptcy suits you better. These may be Chapter 7 or chapter 13. Chapter 7 is the most frequent type of bankruptcy and believe it or not, the most preferred by debtors. This especially when they don’t have many assets because when choosing chapter 7 the debtor retains his assets which are considered legally exempt. The rest of the assets will be managed by an administrator who will then proceed to sell them to pay the creditors. They can also choose Chapter 13. This can be requested by anyone with a fixed income and those whose debt exceeds a certain limit. The debtor will keep all types of properties but at the same time will undertake to hand over payments from his or her future income. This can be done in a period of 3 to 5 years.  If you need assistance with bankruptcy and filing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, reach out to the bankruptcy attorneys in Chattanooga, Attorney At Law.

For both Chapter 7 and 13, individuals must fill out different forms that require some of the following information:

  1. Properties
  2. Excluded assets
  3. Statement of financial position
  4. List of expected debts in the future 

Your Credit History After Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy has helped many people deal with their debt. This may not be one of the best options, however, when you get caught between different debts it’s the best thing you can do. Many people have not filed for bankruptcy because they do not know which are the consequences. One of the most relevant is how long your credit history is reflected. When you file for bankruptcy, in the case of Chapter 7, the credit history is reflected for 7 years and in the case of Chapter 13, it will be reflected for 10 years. When the person or company decides to choose Chapter 7, debts are eliminated either three to six months after the process starts. When this is done by Chapter 13 the debts are erased until the debtor complies with the full payment of the debts. This can be extended for up to 5 years. When the debt is completely paid, this is erased and the debtor is no longer responsible for it. 

Which Debts Can Be Erased And Which Can´t?

Unfortunately, some debts are erased and some are not. Choosing a chapter 7 or 13 does not mean that debts will be immediately erased. Some of the debts that can be erased by chapters 13 or 7 are the debts by divorce agreement, credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, and others. However, those that are not deleted include paying taxes, fines for criminal deeds, debts that are due for causing harm or death when driving with DUI, etc. Bankruptcy is one of the benefits that people and companies get to have a fresh start and forget about the pressure of having many debts. If you are going through this situation and you need a reliable team, you can count on Knoxville Bankruptcy Attorneys. We are a professional team that guides you through bankruptcy. We have the knowledge to work alongside you and help you get out of this situation that’s affecting your life. Contact us and get a free consultation. We are a reliable, effective, and honest team of attorneys. You shouldn’t be ashamed of filing for bankruptcy, instead, you are doing a responsible action that will free you from a lot of stress and sorrows. At Knoxville Bankruptcy Attorney we help good people through bad times.

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