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Grand Fantasia Patch 35: Ultimate Force Introduces Additional End-Game Content, Seasonal Events, and more

gamigo is announcing the release of “Patch 35: Ultimate Force” in its MMORPG, Grand Fantasia. The patch introduces new end-game content for level 100 characters, events to celebrate the mid-autumn season, and additional quality-of-life improvements. 

Grand Fantasia’s Patch 35: Ultimate Force includes: 

  • Unlimited Power!: Once players reach level 100, they’ll unlock a new Specialization Skill Type. Players that invest a specified amount of specialization points can upgrade the level of specialization skills and gain their full potential. 
  • Mid-Autumn Festival – The Demon Tree: A tree demon suddenly crash lands onto Saphael looking for revenge after experiencing tens of thousands of years’ worth of pain. It’s up to players to stop him from destroying everything. Doing so will earn players a handsome reward in addition to saving the world. 
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Event: Players will need to complete several quests in order to earn a fortune bag that may contain a new head costume. 
  • Quality of Life: Several updates have been implemented in Grand Fantasia that helps streamline players’ experience. For example, new ways to obtain a Quill Crystal in The Old Siwa Island, hyperlinks to help give others coordinates to locate and NPC or monster more easily, an update to the “recruit teammates” interface, and more 

For more information, please visit the Grand Fantasia website.