Historically, it was only possible to make bets on a game before it started. Once the game started, you could not bet and you were locked on the bets that you have already placed. But with sites such as s128 live, it is possible to make live betting; betting while the game is in progress. This became the norm after sports books realized that, it is possible to make better experiences for gamer if a system was developed to allow players to make extra wagers during the game based on the progress.

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Live betting is all about having the ability to make additional wager even after the games start. It is at times referred to as betting in running or in-game betting. At times the wagers are offered between periods or quarters and in other cases, they might be offered after every single dive or play.

What it means is that you will be in a position to bet on various things at any point in the game. The number of various betting types and the frequency at which they can change depends on the capabilities of the technology of where you are making your bet.

Types Of Live Bets

Type of live bets which are to be offered vary depending on the sport and it all depends on the website where you are making your bet. It takes a great power of technology or manpower for a sportsbook to run operations for live betting. There is a need to set new lines in real-time and thus no weeks or days to get prepared as it is with normal bets. For all these reasons, the type of bets which you will get vary.

  • Traditional Bets: The same bets which were available before the cockfighting competition starts are what will be available after the game starts with only the odds changing in real-time to show what is happening in the game.
  • Prop Bets: They will be available for in-game wagering if the casino or sports book has the technology which will keep them speedy. It will depend on your fun for prop bets and what skills you have based on prop bets like how the cockerel is going to fight and which one will have it or how many kicks the cockerel is going to make. You can make a good value with these type of bets if you think that a cockerel is a slow starter.
  • Parlays: Live betting sometimes will be able to give you the option of being able to turn your single bet into parlays if that is your desire. Let’s say you are making a bet on a trend that you think is going to happen and you think it will keep on the same pace.

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It will be possible for you to make an extra bet on the original one after the game starts so that you can capitalize on your correct prediction. Most of the sports books will allow you to create a new brand of parlays with wagering live betting which is a rush.