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Hair transplant in Turkey: 5 tips to find the best clinic

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations to get hair transplantation. This country gained popularity due to the excellent service, highly-skilled doctors, and affordable prices. Turkish hospitality attracts thousands of medical tourists annually, and their number is growing year by year. Despite such eloquent points, it can be dangerous to entrust your appearance and health to a random clinic. So, it is important to know what factors you should pay attention to when you are picking a clinic for a hair transplant.

Below you can find out some criteria that may be crucial to make your choice right.

Clinic’s reputation

When we buy something, most likely we will choose goods produced by a familiar brand. The same takes place when we choose a hair transplant clinic. Select only those medical centers that have got proper certificates and international recognition. If it is your first time when you are searching for a hair transplant clinic, and everything seems new to you, google more info about each clinic that you have found. Pay attention to the clinic’s awards, certificates, whether it is a single medical center or belongs to a big holding. If the info about the hair transplant clinic is poor, it is better to search for some other option.

Average price of hair transplant

The cost of hair transplant is among the key factors why people choose Turkish clinics. The average price for hair transplant in Turkey is about $1,700-$1,800. Price for hair transplant differs from a clinic to a clinic and depends on the package of services offered. However, you should regard with caution to those clinics that offer a suspiciously low price. Sure, it can be a great discount. However, it can also be a sign of improper qualification and poor quality of medical services. So, do not put a low price at the first price — it is better to focus on the doctor’s experience and professionalism.

Doctor’s experience

In most of the cases, it is more important who manages a hair transplant, not where. To be satisfied with the result, you need to choose a highly-skilled doctor. For this, you need to carefully study their CV, pay attention to education, and a number of performed operations. A specialist should have at least 600-700 operations performed on their account. Also, before making an appointment with a doctor, request for the portfolio to see before and after photos of real patients and decide whether you want to receive the same result.

Services offered

For people who experience the procedure for the first time, it is more efficient to focus on the hair transplant process and result. So, often, medical tourists prefer choosing clinics that offer a full range of services (accommodation, transfer, language assistance). Most of the Turkish medical centers provide these services, and they are already included in hair transplant price. When you choose such a package price, you save money and do not need to think how to make comfortable your stay in Turkey. When you select a clinic, always specify what the price covers.

Patient reviews

In everyday life, we often buy something after someone’s advice. Use this approach to select a hair transplant clinic. There are a lot of sites and forums with reviews about clinics in Turkey. Read them carefully, and if necessary, you can even ask some questions of patients who have already had a hair transplant. In such a case, you will know a lot about the level of service and the quality of medical assistance in a chosen clinic. For instance, on Bookimed, an international medical tourism operator, you can find thousands of verified reviews.

Selecting a clinic is an important step on your way to get a hair transplant. It depends a lot on your choice — what the result you will receive and quality of service you will experience. Before booking a clinic, find out as more info as possible to make sure that the medical center employs the highly-skilled doctors and can provide the warranty for the result.

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