Hall & Angus, based in the suburban village of Pity Me, Durham, will be working with Finchale to offer certifications relating to substance misuse in the Durham area from September.

The partnership comes as Pity Me based charity Finchale, which supports veterans, disabled and disadvantaged people and those with health inequalities, continues to build up its working relationships with organisations to provide people with the skills and confidence they need to access the job opportunities on offer.

Hall & Angus have gained a vast amount of experience in delivering substance and alcohol misuse programmes and applying them to businesses’ activities across the UK. Between them they have amassed over 80 years of global experience.

Trevor Hall, Partner at Hall and Angus, said: “We have known about Finchale and the work they do for a while now, and are looking forward to embark on this new venture with them. Our mission is to help people and companies who want a professional service provider qualified to deliver substance misuse solutions in the workplace.

“Hall & Angus will be able to guide those that apply through every avenue of the complex subject material so that a legally defensible, cost efficient programme is provided for their benefit, the benefit of their employees and their families.”

Hall & Angus’ programmes are accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and they also have their own Hall & Angus certificates. They have five courses that range from a half day to two days completion. They will also be running a walk in sample collection service for those in the area.

Mel Pears MBE, CEO at Finchale, said: “The work that Hall & Angus does is amazing, and it truly is an honour to be working with them. They are commitment to helping more people gain the skills they need to tackle substance and alcohol misuse in the workplace, and we are looking forward to be doing this with them.”

For further information or to find out how your organisation can work with Finchale, please contact the Veterans’ Services Team on 0191 374 6129 or email enquiries@finchale.org