Safety and security specialist Halo Solutions has partnered with Tysers Insurance Brokers to support venues and event organisers as they get ready to re-open. Putting on safe events post-covid brings a whole new set of challenges for the events industry from factoring in new Bio-Security measures as a result of Covid-19, new Counter-Terrorism measures as a result of the ‘Protect Duty’ as well as ensuring they have enough security, medical, stewarding and other resources available to them as the industry faces record shortages.

Well versed in the latest security challenges event organisers face, Halo and Tysers will work with the industry to support them in understanding the emerging and complex needs and requirements of events post COVID.

Halo Solutions’ CEO and Co-Founder, Lloyd Major, says: “After a year of really hard financial difficulties for the industry, it’s incredible to see a big name like Tysers stepping in to offer something like this. It shows they are compassionate, have their ear to the ground and are willing to step up and help where they can.

“The Halo System protects from ghosting, provides an audit trail that ensures the right tasks are completed at the right time and that the right decisions are made by the right people every time. We have consistently saved people more money than we’ve cost them and this move, being recognised by the insurance sector, is only the next in a logical sequence of steps we’re taking to support the industry getting back to what it does best, safely. It’s a shining example of inspiring leadership, and innovative ideas at Tysers, at a time that benefits every party involved.”

The Halo System streamlines bio-security, counter-terrorism, health and safety, communications and even lost property in an infinite range of incidents and procedures that has so far kept millions of event goers safe, reduced insurance premiums and other costs as well as being credited with saving lives at carnivals, marathons and skiing events across Europe since its inception. It’s a three part system but it’s the uniquely designed mobile app which gives it the operational edge in the market. It has been proven to save lives, save time and save money, every day. Standing up to scrutiny from Safety Advisory Groups, Insurance Brokers and Coroner’s Court, it’s the perfect audit trail producing digital, tamper-proof logs for evidence in any investigation.