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Hamburg Tourist Guide | What to See, Eat and Do?

ByDave Stopher

Aug 29, 2019 #Hamburg

Hamburg is the city that represents one of the 16 provinces of Germany. Located at the mouth of the Elbe River, near the North Sea. It is the second-largest city after Berlin and the seventh most populated in the European Union. In 2008, Hamburg had 1,773,218 inhabitants. Besides the shield and the flag, the city has its anthem, which is rare for cities anywhere in the world. Hamburg is an important communications hub and seaport.

This area is known as the center of the machinery industry, light manufacturing, polygraphy, and also the city has famous editorials of the newspapers “Stern” and “Spiegel”. In addition, in this city, there are headquarters of a large part of banks, insurance companies, and other commercial organizations making this city one of the most important business centers of the world. Welcome to Hamburg, the pride of German advancement.

Everything You Would Expect from Highest German Engineering

This city has become increasingly popular among international tourists who want to experience Hamburg’s stag do parties with their luxurious opportunities. Other curious visitors are arriving to admire what remains of the stunning aristocratic architecture of Renaissance Europe. Most of the old buildings were destroyed during the war, however, the symbol of the city, the “Michel” tower of the church of St. Michel, which measures 132 meters in height was almost undamaged.

The Alsterflit Canal divides the city into new and old. Over the channel rises the Trost-Brucke bridge, which is one of the few buildings that survived in the fire of 1842. This bridge opens a panorama for all the places of interest in the city, which attracts tourists with their solutions in singular architecture. Among them, there is the Town Hall, the oldest bank in Germany. Here you will find the remains of the medieval church of St. Nikolai that was almost destroyed during the bombing, which is today an anti-war memorial.

In addition, in the city one can visit museums, libraries, and theaters. Shopping enthusiasts will find in Hamburg a large number of luxury stores, shopping centers and galleries, and other commercial points. Here, tourists will have the opportunity to admire not only historical attractions but also natural ones. The indistinguishable symbol of the city is still the beautiful Alster lake. On the shores of this lake, there is an attractive park with all sorts of leisure options. Locals and tourists come here for a picnic, and to enjoy hiking and active entertainment.

Along the shores of the lake are luxurious villas of the wealthiest residents. Art connoisseurs should definitely visit the Hamburger Kunsthalle Museum, which contains a unique collection of works of art. This museum was founded in the mid-nineteenth century. It is located in a majestic building with columns. In the corridors of the museum, there are paintings of various eras. Some canvases are more than 400 years old. In 1995, the museum was upgraded with the new building, in which the works of contemporary artists are now presented. Often, there are interesting exhibitions here.

Cultural Landmarks That Leave No One Indifferent

The most visited cultural institution in the city is the Hamburg History Museum. It also occupies a spectacular historic building, whose roof is adorned with a small clock tower. This museum has a unique collection of exhibits, which reflect a variety of historical events and cultural traditions. Luxurious national costumes, ancient musical instruments, models of ancient ships and historical documents are just some of the exhibits that can be seen inside the walls of this museum.

Those who like to visit unusual museums should visit the cultural center with the original name “The Hamburg Dungeon”. This horror museum tells visitors about the most terrifying and tragic events that the city had to endure. Terrible epidemics and natural disasters, wars, and destructive fires are an integral part of the history of Hamburg. In this museum, visitors can enjoy spectacular theatrical performances and an atrocious atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent.

In the harbor area, there is a very unusual architectural complex, which is called the city of Amber. Here, travelers can see the remaining stores. Much of it was built in the nineteenth century. The red-brick industrial buildings are incredibly beautiful. As for the gastronomy side of the trip, St Pauli is one of the best places in town for breakfast. The French-style café and bistro offer homemade croissants, jams, and waffles but the highlight is the sumptuous vegan fare. Expect a full house for the popular Sunday brunch.

It is impossible to walk past the window of Herr Max, with its display of extraordinary cake creations, without stopping to swoon. Drop-in for afternoon tea and spoil yourself with delicious raspberry tarts and cheesecakes in this bright, airy shop in the Schanzenviertel. For a snack on the go, try a traditional Fischbrötchen. The northern Germans love this simple fare of pickled herring in a bread roll. It’s usually bulked out with gherkin and onions but there are countless variations such as salmon, shrimps and more.

In Conclusion:

To put things simply, one can in Hamburg enjoy both luxurious and budget vacation treats, everything directly depends on the depth of your pocket and the height of your desires. One of Germany’s strongest powerhouses doesn’t tend to stop growing with its attractions and generally speaking its never a bad moment to visit this city. Find out what are the best options for you and your friends or family and enjoy everything that this magnificent city has to offer for an unforgettable moment that surely awaits you all just as you arrive.