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How to help your child go to university

In the North East of England, there are an impressive number of young people passing their A-levels each year. In fact, the pass rate in the North East is one of the highest in the country. However, this success does not translate to the number of university applications completed. Statistics show that despite their impressive grades, many young people in the North East are turning away from the prospect of further education. If you would like to encourage your child to pursue their studies, it is important that you are proactive in your approach. Below are five tips to help you on your way.

Visit universities

It can be daunting talking about university in almost revered tones, but it is highly likely that your child may not have had any experience of going anywhere near a university, unless they have older siblings who have been. Take time to visit the universities that they want to apply for, they all have open days specifically for this introduction to university life. When your child can see what a campus is like, and the potential city that they may be moving to, they will be better equipped to make the right decision, as their qualms will have been removed.

Find suitable accommodation

If your youngster is going to enjoy their university experience, it is vital that you find them suitable living arrangements. This is one area where you don’t want to compromise. In order for your child to be healthy, happy, and safe, you will need to invest in a quality option. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to focus on their studies. Student accommodation has much improved over the years, and you will be able to ensure that your child’s new home is a positive environment which will support them in their studies. Have a look at this example of luxury Nottingham student accommodation.

Discuss their course

With so many courses available, it is important that you child considers all of their options. This will help them to decide whether or not university is right for them. During these discussions you should bring up their future career. Ideally, they need to have an idea of what they want to do, before they sign up to a university degree and a significant amount of student debt.

Think about their social life

You should also look for ways to assist your child with their social life. If they are away from home, they will need all of the friends that they can find. Why not treat your youngster to their own TV, printer, or mini fridge? This is a fantastic excuse for them to invite people round and to start building connections. Hopefully, it won’t be long before they get to know everyone on their course.

Help them pack

Finally, you will need to help your child to pack their things. If you are particularly organized individual, this is the perfect opportunity for you to step up to the plate. You could create a check list, divide your child’s possessions into different piles, and even splash out on new luggage. You should also look into the items that you can have delivered straight to their accommodation.