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Hiking in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the epitome of what hikers want: beautiful landscapes, many excellent and well-signed hiking trails, and some fun challenges.

In fact, Luxembourg has a long history of promoting hiking and encouraging the discovery of its wild scenery by creating accessible routes and marking trails that today are positioned among the best in Europe.

Whatever your level of expertise as a hiker, Luxembourg has a fun and unique trail for you, and if the countryside is not what you are looking for, the City of Luxembourg is excellent to discover on foot.

Walking around the City of Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg is, compared to other European capitals, small. However, there is no doubt that it can compete with any other capital in terms of the richness of its culture and the variety of attractions that are there to see.

The fact that it can all be discovered on foot makes it an attraction, going for a walk around the city and stopping as often as you like for a cold beer or a snack, or simply to watch people and take it all in.

There are some predetermined routes around the city, and while you can just walk whatever direction you may want and always discover something interesting; these routes will take you to the best spots in the city. Plus, there is a variety of sites with trails already described and even with GPS locations, tips, level of difficulty, places to stop and a lot more information to plan your day hiking in Luxembourg.

Hiking in Luxembourg: the countryside

As we said, Luxembourg is one of the best countries for those looking to discover it on foot. Many hiking trails are away from busy roads and take beginners and expert hikers through lush forests, across rivers, and directly into green valleys that seem out of an old fairy tale.

There are short walks that can be done in a day, or simply a few hours, and other walks that will take up a few days. With accommodation spread all over the country and very detailed maps of the many tracks that cross the country, it’s easy to organize a hiking trip in Luxembourg.

How to get to your accommodation in Luxembourg?

Wherever you decide to start your hiking trip, either in the City of Luxembourg, one of the many small towns around the country, or even the Greater Region of Luxembourg (which includes some parts of Belgium, Germany, and France), there is a smart and affordable shuttle service that will take you there from the airport.

Door2gate is a shuttle taxi for Luxembourg airport. Door2gate prides itself on being punctual and offering a much better price for people going to the airport or arriving there. Will pick you up at your accommodation anywhere in Luxembourg and the Greater Region and get you to the airport in a comfortable and cheap way. Same when you arrive at the airport, they will be waiting to take you straight to the door of your hotel or Airbnb.

You can also opt for a bus or taxi when you arrive at the airport. Buses will take you to the main spots in the city, like the train station, from where you can reach other parts of Luxembourg and surrounding countries. Of course, you may have to get on the bus and then a train and even change somewhere else, and it’s a lot of waiting in the navigating of the public transport. Taxis into the city are already expensive, so prices to go to other towns are even higher.

No doubt there are many ways to move around Luxembourg. Just need to make sure to always choose the smarter one, either hiking (after all who wouldn’t want to submerge in the beautiful sceneries) or taking a shuttle service that will get you where you need to go with comfort and a good price.

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