It’s not always easy to leave the day’s stresses at the door when you kick off your shoes. The end of the day can often involve a replaying of events, preventing relaxation and stirring up insomnia. 

When you turn your home into a sanctuary, however, it’s easier to shut off these unhelpful thoughts. This refuge from the world allows you to replenish your batteries and emerge refreshed and ready for a new round of challenges. With this in mind, here are five small changes you can make that will turn your home into a sanctuary:

  1. A Signature Scent

The brain strongly associates memories and experiences with senses like smell and sound. Get a signature scent for your home, and whenever you smell that aroma, your brain will know that it’s time to leave all worries at the door. An aroma diffuser is the best way to maintain your home’s signature scent. Some of the top aroma choices that promote a sense of tranquillity include coconut, vanilla, lavender, magnolia, rose, and cinnamon. 

  1. Greenery

The human eye can detect a wider range of green, than any other color. Green is also associated with a sense of safety and abundance. Incorporate this beautiful color into your decor to take advantage of its soothing effects. 

One of the healthiest ways of doing this is by introducing some pot plants into your home. Not only is the color beautiful, but indoor houseplants also improve your air quality, as showcased in NASA’s clean air study. This study examined the way different houseplants filter the air. The findings demonstrate that these beautiful living things can be powerful allies in your quest to create a sanctuary of a home. 

  1. Small Comforts

Small comforts can customize your home to reflect your lifestyle and your personal preferences. For example, coffee drinkers may enjoy having more than one coffee station in the home (it’s your home, so there are no rules). Small comforts might involve custom lighting to be brighter or dimmer, according to your preferences, or a special set of shelves for a pet cat to climb onto. Think about your lifestyle and the small considerations that might make everything easier for you when you’re home. 

  1. Add A Hammock

It doesn’t have to be a hammock. It could be a cozy daybed, an indoor swing, a reading nook in a bay window, or a corner with cushions and blankets. These types of alternative seats encourage you to relax. The break from traditional upright seats like sofas and chairs can give you a dedicated relaxation spot, ideal for reading, enjoying a warm beverage, listening to music, or napping. These are the activities that define your home as a sanctuary from the world; a place to rest and relax. 

  1. Get A Favorite Mug Or Dish

Another way to make your home a welcoming sanctuary is to have a particular mug or dish that is your favorite. These comfort items help your brain build a connection between “home” and “relaxation.” They’re like signals – your brain reads them and then understands what to expect. When you consistently provide the same signals to indicate that you’re home, your brain will rise to the occasion and efficiently set your mood for you. 

The most homely element any house can have is a personal touch. This is something that is unique to you – no one else can fake it or copy it. Add some of your personality into your decor to reflect the parts of your life that you love the most. With this final touch, your home truly will be a sanctuary.