We are all created from energy, as well as the objects we hold and the situations we are in, meaning that we are surrounded by both positive and negative energy. We all experience hard times and setbacks, but ignoring the negative energy that may keep resurfacing will greater affect your relationships and overall positive energies. The negative things in our lives can easily take a massive toll on our mental health and emotional state without us even realizing, thus it’s crucial to take a moment to evaluate our inner energies. This process is a way to relieve yourself from the negative energy that has started to consume your life. This form of healing is a beautifully, useful tactic that keeps your spirit full and pure, dissolving any recurring bleakness from your psyche. Before performing any type of ritual, proper preparation is needed.

Four steps to spiritual cleansing

1.) It’s best to clear your mind, whether through proper meditation or simply taking a moment of clarity with deep breathing exercises in a quiet place. Entering a clear space in the mind will allow for energy to flow naturally while being connected with reality.

2.) Acknowledging the specific negative energy that is weighing you down. From this step, you are pointing out the exact reasoning for your energy imbalance that will help you greater dissolve them. Examples could be a traumatic car accident, a breakup, a toxic relationship, or anything that has brought you negativity

3.) Analyzing the negative energy. Here, you’re breaking down the reasoning behind why these areas of your life have brought you emotional turmoil. Once you begin to answer those questions, you will find better understanding of them, which will in return prepare you further in letting them go.

4.) To release the negative energy from your mind through certain rituals like spoken mantras, prayers, visualizing the negativity, or physically destroying a symbolic piece of energy.

Two Common Rituals for Cleansing

It’s important to remember that these rituals may not all work for everyone, what’s significant is choosing a form of cleansing that will be the most successful and natural for you as a person.The ultimate purpose of spiritual cleansing is to create a safe, immersive experience for your mind and body to connect in order to rid yourself of harmful energies.

~ Taking a salt bath is one of the more literal representations of cleansing away negative energy that can also be considered holy. Water is a universal symbol for the spiritual world, including religions like Christianity and Judaism. Purity is among the many ideologies rooted from water, which correlates well with cleansing energies. Combining a healthy, unrefined mineral like Himalayan salt will further create a soothing, spiritual presence to serve as a literal bath for cleansing. However, using bath products will disrupt the natural aroma of the ritual, causing a rift in the process. The time for regular bathing and other mundane activities needs to be separate from any spiritual cleansing; your energy should be just as respected as any daily ritual.

~ Smudging is another widely, culturally used ritual that requires the burning of herbs, like sage, to clear the source of negative energy in a specific place. This ritual is often used for religious ceremonies, like warding off demonic spirits. The overall meaning of a smudging ceremony can be done to cleanse various kinds of negative energies and is encouraged to have any convenient herb of your choosing. It also might be useful to learn about each herb to find the perfect fit for your ritual.    

 To cleanse yourself is to rebirth yourself. The nutrition world often takes over the term “cleansing” to solely represent one’s physical health, an example being a juice cleanse. While physical health is an important attribute to a human’s well being, the mind requires the same amount of care in order to keep a sense of positive energy flowing through the emotional aspects of your daily life. The negative areas in our life can be strong enough to consume us, to overpower the mind with guilt, doubt, sadness, or anger. The rituals our spirits require to rid the negativity involve personal recollection and understanding of what exactly is creating the bad vibes and why this form of energies stays with us for a long period of time. Thus, our mental health is tied our spiritual health. We deserve to rebirth ourselves, in a sense, into newly positive people, improving our livelihood for years to come.