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How can you really benefit from an Associate of Arts degree?

Associate of Arts degree is perceived as an intermediate educational step that prepares you to seek employment, advance in your career or continue your education to earn a bachelor’s degree. This program specifically focuses on developing students’ information literacy, academic integrity, critical thinking and academic writing abilities. If you are planning to take up an Associate of Arts degree and are wondering if it is the right choice for your career, you have come to the right place. Read this article to understand how your learning experience can get furthered with an associate of arts degree and the career prospects it has to offer.

What Is an Associate of Arts degree?

An Associate of Arts (AA) degree is a program that is focused on general education that prepares students to complete a bachelor’s degree in the field of arts.  AA programs are typically designed to provide students with the training required for entry-level positions in any employment sector. It allows students to begin a career in their preferred field of choice as well as help you to get enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts degree program.

The Associate of Arts program consists of an interdisciplinary set of courses, designed to provide career-oriented skills through writing, communication, research and team performance. It typically covers liberal arts subjects that are taught during the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s degree program. Additionally, this program also offers a variety of electives that a student can pick depending on their area of interest. Students are also required to engage in academic disciplines such as public speaking or a foreign language course.

Advantages of pursuing an Associate of Arts degree

Through an Associate of Arts degree, graduates can find better employment opportunities in a wide range of professional fields, such as the government, marketing, healthcare or education system. Most companies and business organisations are looking to hire their employees from job applicants holding an AA degree, in order to improve their competitive edge. It allows students to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge, which makes them an ideal learning choice for working adults. Graduates of the AA program can develop the following skills that will assist in increasing their career possibilities:

  • Critical thinking;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Effective communication;
  • Research and evaluative skills
  • Analytical skills.

Holding an Associate of Arts degree under the belt can allow graduates to land lucrative jobs by boosting their chances of getting hired at international companies. Here are some of the career options that students can choose from, after completing this programme:

  • Payroll specialist;
  • Retail general manager;
  • Medical records specialist;
  • Hotel manager;
  • Municipal administration clerk;

Adding an associate’s degree to your academic qualification can help you learn to apply theoretical understanding to real-world issues. It can enable you to develop your professional career as well as prepare you to achieve a higher educational degree. If you are looking to enrol for a program that will allow you to enter the workforce directly, then apply for an Associate of Arts (AA) course now!

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