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How do you troubleshoot in an automated DevOps world and why is it important?

UK technology consultancy highlights the importance of observability, alerting and monitoring as organisations embrace DevOps to get ahead of the innovation curve. 

IT leaders are constantly searching for new ways to streamline processes, bolster their digital infrastructure and drive better business outcomes. As a leading part of this process, according to Tech Amigos founder Sachin Deshpande, having a DevOps culture is one of the most powerful instruments that CIOs and C-Suite executives can have under their belts.

A DevOps cultural shift not only improves product quality, it also helps to promote agility and ensures faster delivery throughout your business. Additionally, it offers a more inclusive approach to the software development process. By bringing development and operation teams together, the software development lifecycle can be shortened, and problems can be resolved more efficiently.

Sachin explains: “In a modern technology landscape, businesses are moving away from single monolith applications to several loosely coupled microservices. Although this setup provides greater agility, it also introduces more moving parts that makes observability, monitoring, and alerting an essential capability.

“At Tech Amigos, we focus heavily on the developer experience to ensure that automated processes have the right level of feedback, whether that be infrastructure management or deployment processes. This enables developers to track code and respond to issues swiftly, freeing up time to deliver high quality software rather than figuring out a complex setup.

“DevOps capabilities also provide an easy and fast way to proactively identify faults and debug the root cause for issues. Such capabilities can assist with tasks like self-troubleshooting, for example, without requiring the capabilities of highly experienced specialists.”

A recent study conducted by PCR revealed that IT downtime is costing businesses an average of £3.6 million every year due to lost business, productivity disruptions, and remediation efforts. This illustrates the critical importance of adopting DevOps automation to bolster your digital infrastructure, to ensure employees feel confident when problems occur within the business by identifying, locating, and addressing the issue as soon as it arises.

Sachin continues: “A reduction in costs and time are the main drivers in providing our clients with the tools to troubleshoot and even self-diagnose issues. In agile businesses, it is always hard to strike the right balance between new features and operational support. Better tooling, monitoring, and alerting can help to maintain this balance, enabling engineers to focus on what truly matters: providing new features to attract and retain customers.

“Achieving this balance is what is known as embracing DevOps culture. Our ethos here at Tech Amigos is based around this, by empowering engineering teams with the right automated processes and tools to get the job done. This is reflected in our delivery model that starts with the outcome-based delivery of core capabilities, followed by our TA Consult offering, that focuses on training and making teams self-sufficient.
Sachin concludes: “We typically work with clients to set up world-class cloud automation capabilities, as well as build and deploy pipelines for application workloads. We then train teams and hand over well documented capabilities to put the developers in the driving seat. In the long run, this enables organisational change, and allows teams to efficiently and productively manage cloud setup and deal with issues as they arise”.

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