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How does live video content change e-Commerce?


Dec 10, 2021

As online technology moves forwards marketers and business owners have the opportunity to experiment with a more diverse array of content in order to push user engagement and enhance sales. Creative videos that allow brands to pinpoint the benefits of a certain product or display some practical aspects of their merchandise to a wide array of the audience are a well-known content marketing technique, however, there is a new form of a video presentation that already shows amazing results and seems to be just what the doctor ordered for the future of e-Commerce industry.

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Livestreamers break records in sales

In China, a live stream salesman, known as the “Lipstick Brother” made a record sale during a live show performance in just one day during Alibaba’s annual shopping festivities. Li Jiaqi, China’s top live stream salesperson made an amazing $1.9 billion in just one day during a live show that included the presentation of a wide array of products including everything from lipsticks to Apple products.

Livestream sales are a growing trend that originates in China and this form of e-Commerce approach is successful because it’s more than a video presentation, it’s a show program, group chat, infomercial, simply put the whole package, so there’s something for everyone. According to Li’s confession, these types of live stream programs usually attract around 20 million viewers, however, on “Single’s Day” China’s national shopping holiday, there were more than 250 people joined in to watch the performance.

A chance for improved content performance

Live video sales are not a recent concept, we all know about TV infomercials with those crazy hosts that perform amazing stunts to show the quality of their product. What separates live streamers from Chuck Norris trying to sell you home gym equipment is the variety of features that allow more sales, better content development strategy, and the ability to discuss different topics as a group during the show.

A live stream salesman can enjoy the benefit of live video analytic in real-time and post festum, which can serve as a guiding point during the performance as well in the process of planning the next show. This way an e-Commerce brand can have a better understanding of what products work with the customer and which ones should be avoided. Sales could be influenced by the time of the day, audience demographics, and numerous other factors that live stream shopping performance can reveal in real-time and prevent the loss of viewers during the show.

E-commerce is changing as technology progresses, new and improved sales and marketing strategies are emerging almost by the day. What business owners look for are mainly package solutions that save money and time which makes the development of ideas such as live video shopping so popular among the marketers. Instead of creating a video and waiting for it to show results, live videos allow users instant performance results and the ability to craft their content strategy as it happens which is extremely important for user engagement and ultimately the volume of sales during the show.

According to most recent statistics, global internet coverage includes around 4.66 billion active users, which makes up for more than half of the planet’s population. In technologically advanced parts of the world such as Europe and the US, the percentage of the population with access to broadband internet is even higher. This means that the e-Commerce industry can expect great things as live stream video sales technology moves forward and expands on other parts of the globe.

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