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How Effective Are Burglar Alarms?


Oct 1, 2022

In 2012 the University of North Carolina conducted a survey on burglaries. In which, over 60% of thieves were put off by homes with burglar alarms and cameras. Both were their biggest deterrent.

How common are robberies?

In the UK, over 295,000 homes were burgled or broken into. This statistic is growing due to the number of homes without any home security systems. A burglary takes place every 106 seconds and 1 in 43 houses are likely to be burgled.

The annual cost of burglaries in the UK every year…

  •         London – £181 Million
  •         Greater Manchester – £65 Million
  •         West Midlands – £65 Million
  •         West Yorkshire – £57 Million
  •         South Yorkshire – £57 Million

London loses three times the amount of money due to burglaries than any other county in the UK.

Residential burglaries…

  •         West Yorkshire – 0.83%
  •         Greater Manchester – 078%
  •         West Midlands – 0.74%
  •         South Yorkshire – 0.73%
  •         Cleveland – 0.70%

Living in larger counties makes your house a bigger risk to burglaries. And not owning any home security makes your house a much bigger target to these attacks.

Owning Home Security, how efficient are they?

Countless burglars are drawn to houses without home security because they know the likelihood of them getting caught is low. Over 63% of burglaries happen to homes without any home security systems, but around 77% of homes with security systems were not burgled or broken into.

Burglar’s, when picking homes, tend to not go for homes with alarms or security systems. This is because the chances of getting caught are higher, making the house unattractive to them.

Many burglaries happen between the hours of 10 pm – 6 am but 2 am – 4 am tend to be the most common hours of a burglary, this is because everyone is asleep, making the home an easier target. As mentioned above, cameras help to deter thieves, but if a thief still decides to burgle a home, cameras are to help with your insurance and help with giving evidence to the authorities. In many cases, this is unlikely to happen as thieves are drawn away by homes with cameras.

However, burglar alarms are a great repellent to scare away thieves and cover your insurance if the worst is to happen.

Are Burglar alarms worth it?

Burglar alarms have many advantages, making them the perfect home security system to deter thieves.

Alarms can protect your business from theft. Businesses run the risk of being a big target for burglaries, this is because of their equipment which makes them a major target. The manufacturing industry suffers the most from robberies.

Why you need an alarm system

1 – Firstly, installing an alarm with a visible presence will discourage thieves, thus, preventing a burglary from taking place. Secondly, if a criminal were to break-in, the alarm would be triggered by unexpected movement letting off a loud shriek alerting those in the area. Lastly, with technology advancing, there are newer burglar alarms that when triggered can send off an alert to authorities straight away.

2 – Burglar alarms bring peace of mind when you’re away from your business or home. As most tend to strike in the middle of the night or early morning, this is where your business or home is most at risk. Numerous businesses can’t afford a security team to be on patrol 24/7 but burglar alarms are great alternatives as they still provide protection.

As alarms get triggered by movement the risk of being caught is too high, causing the thieves to flee the scene. When away from your business, this will give you peace of mind.

3 – Investing in a burglar alarm can reduce insurance premiums. When installing a burglar alarm at your workplace, reducing the risk of accidents incidentally reducing your insurance premium. With your savings increased you can purchase an alarm monitoring which reduces false alarms and saves money.

4 – Alarms can apprehend criminals a lot faster. When the alarm is triggered alerting everyone in the vicinity, increasing the chance of the thieves getting caught. Installing a burglar alarm helps to keep your staff safe as well.

Ultimately, installing a burglar alarm lowers the chance of your home or business premises being burgled.

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