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How Fleet and HGV Trackers Can Lower Your Company Costs

ByDave Stopher

Jul 6, 2021

When managing a fleet of vehicles, you will be continuously researching and seeking new ways to lower your company costs, whilst increasing the efficiency of your fleet. To keep both you, your drivers, and your customer happy. This can be a lot to manage. FitMyTracker suggest GPS trackers for fleet and HGV vehicles to be the perfect solution. Here is how fleet and HGV tracker can help to lower your company costs and some of their other very useful benefits such as using fuel cards

Minimise Fuel Costs 

Most fleet and HGV trackers come with additional technology which will provide you reports on the usage of your vehicles, including fuel consumption. Although the cost of fuel is out of your control, with the knowledge of your fleet’s fuel usage you can manage consumption and save your company some money! This gives you the option to navigate faster, fuel saving routes whilst avoiding traffic and keeping your customers satisfied. 

Save on insurance costs

As with all GPS vehicle trackers, depending upon your insurance provider, you may benefit from a reduction in your insurance premiums with the installation of a tracker across your fleet. The added protection of a tracker is recognised by many insurance providers who see the value in being able to monitor both your vehicle and driver behaviour and tracking the location 24/7. 

Improve Driver efficiency 

Having the ability to monitor vehicle location, driving behaviour, fuel consumption, traffic and road congestion allows for an improvement in efficiency across your entire fleet. The more efficient your drivers and vehicles the more money you will be able to make, whilst also keeping costs day by avoiding congestion, expensive breakdowns and preventing theft. 

Customer Satisfaction

By managing your fleet and keeping track of their locations with GPS trackers, you will have the information to provide your customers with greater details about their expected delivery times. If your drivers occur any delays or traffic issues you can also let your customers know of this, so they are not left disheartened with your service. Although this won’t lower your costs, as such, customer satisfaction could keep customers returning to use your service again, building a loyal client base and guaranteed income. 

Other benefits of GPS trackers

Improve Driver Safety

Being able to observe your drivers’ locations throughout their journeys and receive reports on their average speeds, you can maintain safety amongst your fleets’ drivers. Keeping both your fleet and other road users safe. 

Theft Protection

With the installation of a vehicle tracker, you have access to 24/7 surveillance of your vehicles using GPS technology. In case of a theft the location of your vehicle will be monitored, and the chances of theft recovery will be much higher. This helps companies save 1000s in costs to cover the loss of stolen vehicles.