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How Often Should I Get My Motorcycle Serviced?


Apr 16, 2019

How often should I get my motorcycle serviced is a question that gets asked frequently on bike forums. It may be because you are more aware of things when on top of a bike, as opposed to being wrapped inside a cozy car interior. You become hyper-vigilant about safety and mechanics when you are flying over the ground at high speed.

So, we have spoken to some of the most mechanically minded motorcyclists all over the world and come up with a few pointers over when you should think about having your bike serviced. Of course, if you feel that anything is not quite right in between services, get your bike into a shop a fast as you can, and never attempt to service your motorcycle yourself unless you have experience in doing so.


New Motorcycle Maintenance

If you bought your bike recently, your goal will be to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. The steps to take to do this differ from bike to bike, depending on the make and model. If you have a sports bike, its mechanics and components have been built for speed.If you have a touring bike, it’s built for efficiency and longevity, and so on. No matter where and when you use your motorcycle, you should drive safe and serene. This is not always an easy thing to do. There are some dodgy drivers out there. If you have been involved in an accident when out on your bike, be sure to look into motorcycle accident lawyers San Antonio.

The result is that you should take your motorcycle in for a tune-up depending on your activities as a rider. If you keep a bike for weekend touring, your bike will have different servicing needs from one that is used to blaze into work every day along the freeway.

How far it travels and how frequently it is used are the two main reasons that should influence your decision to have it serviced.

It’s Not Just the Bike That Needs Looking After

If you enjoy owning a motorbike , whether it is a street bike, Harley hog or trail bike , it’s in your best interest to supply heavy duty outdoor protection from foul weather and other hazards. Not every motorcycle owner has the posh of a garage to store their bike during rain, winter and intensely hot days. And if they are doing have a garage usually a car or truck is given a priority when it involves shelter. to form sure your motorcycle is in top condition think about using a poly tarp, motorcycle pocket or motorcycle bag to stay it safe from rain, intense UV sunlight, snow and wind.

Because of the planning of motorcycles it leaves the bike in danger from foul weather. With exposed pipes, engines and instrument gauges a motorbike are often easily damaged in strong winds, heavy rain, snow and other outdoor hazards. Rain is that the commonest hazard and to stay your bike safe consider covering it in the dark or during the day with the best portable motorcycle garage.

Should I Go by What the Manual Says?

It is a good option to check what your owner’s manual says. It will have some guidelines on when your motorcycle needs to be serviced. Manuals usually go by how many miles have been clocked. If you haven’t used your bike that often and the rides you did take were relatively short, the manual will probably suggest having a service once a year.

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When your bike goes in for specific servicing, the problems should be identified and fixed before you use it again. If it’s only for routine maintenance, such as an oil change, it’s mainly for purposes of keeping things running smoothly and entering the maintenance stamp into your owner’s manual.

Remember to use a garage that is recommended for your particular model, and uses the latest technology to carry out up-to-date services on the make and model you have.

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