Covid 19 has put many businesses into toss. Many startups, small and medium scale industries are now just focusing on survival during this crisis and finding ways to emerge when all of this gets over. Few have adapted to changes like work from home, flexible working hours and these are likely to remain in future as well allowing only around twenty five percent of the employees to attend the office which reduces the office space and office requirements and equipments. Of course remote working increases productivity but isolation and distractions are the main things to consider which can reduce productivity.

Print industry has a major impact which causes market disruptions. Volume printing is significantly going down due to offices being shut. After the pandemic, centralized printing deployments have been reduced making a shift to distributed printing service environment with cloud based print infrastructure. This digital transformation can provide more sophisticated opportunities to the suppliers. People often look for printing London services and it’s almost their everyday need. Hence, cloud based approach can really help businesses to sustain.

Major Impacts

The shift from paper to digital process has been increased as the work is moved from office to home. Almost sixty six percent of the print industry executives are facing crisis and around three percent are facing critical impact. Almost half of them agree upon the fact that covid 19 has caused major and significant market disruptions. Majority of them have done cost cuttings and kept their investments on hold and few of them made their staff to work in shifts and with less number of man force to work. Print volume needs have been reduced but however there’s a significant percent of demand from health sector and government sectors. Around thirty one percent of them are optimistic that the business would not be normal at least for three months but others predict this to be around six to twelve months. Few others are saying this might take longer than a year as well.

Many executives are planning to change their operating model and system with new technologies and creative approach which boosts productivity, while others are planning to introduce new products and services to the market. Major percent of around seventy nine think that this crisis has made a room for innovation driven development of services and products. The demand for collaborating using the cloud services is likely to increase and adapting for cloud based work flow and digitalization is expected to see a major improvement.