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How to Become a Welder and Get Into the Trade<

ByDave Stopher

Sep 8, 2020 #Business

How to Become a Welder and Get Into the Trade

Welding is a very important industry and is a considerably hard skill to acquire. Trying to fuse together two pieces of metal, needing to cut through thick materials, or simply poking holes and fixing sheet metal can require a lot of effort and experience. But it is a trade that is worthwhile knowing as almost everything that surrounds us is either made or can be fixed using some kind of a welding process.

So the question that remains is “How can one become a welder?” or better yet “How can one get into the welding trade?”

There are a few things that everyone has to complete first before they can become a part of the industry and start earning the big bucks.

Get a Legitimate Welding Education

The best way to start for people who are interested in a career in welding would be by acquiring the necessary knowledge. This can be achieved through the school of course. One can start as early as high school, as some vocational schools offer courses where aspiring welders can start off early.

Learning to weld as early as high school also allows students to learn some of the basics that are going to be important in their future careers. Students can end up with a GED certificate, which is the minimum requirement for getting into the welding industry.

But there are more ways to acquire welding knowledge and they involve apprenticeship programs that might take up a few years. There is even the option of attending a community college which will eventually prepare for the hardships of the welding industry to come.

Acquire Welding Training

A degree is nothing if you don’t have the experience needed. This can only be done with practice and you need to do a lot of practicing to get to the necessary level. First of all, there are a few welding techniques that you need to learn. One also needs to know the difference between welding outside as opposed to welding in a garage.

That is why it is important to get as much practice as needed.

Of course, you can start doing it yourself and practice on pieces of scrap metal in your garage. But you should get some professional help. Apply as an apprentice in a garage or find a program that will help you with the training and practice needed.

Consider a Welder Certificate

Beginner welders can get a certificate after finishing high school. But there are many, more advanced certifications available that one can get. Try researching and applying for these types of programs to bolster your training and your welder CV.

Sure it may take up a year more to acquire a certificate, but it is going to be a substantial advantage for your future career.

Apply for Jobs in a Garage

If you followed the previous steps, you will no doubt have enough experience to start working for somebody. By now you might be aware of some ins and outs of the industry and where to apply for a good position.

The basic position that you can hope to get is a job at a certain garage where welders are constantly needed. Doing some basic repairs will most likely be your first job. But it will get much harder from there, which is good. It will allow you to expand on the previous knowledge you were able to obtain and enable you to proceed with your career further.

You will know that you have become successful once you end up working for a big firm or a construction company that pays a lot more.

Start a Welder Garage

If you would rather work for yourself and be your own boss, there is room for that as well in the welding industry. The perfect way to start on your own is to transform your garage or workshop into your new place of business.

From there you can offer all kinds of repairs thanks to the knowledge you were able to acquire throughout your career. Beginners can start offering services that are limited to certain forms of welding processes. But those who are much more experienced will be able to offer more difficult tasks.

With more work, you will be able to cover various projects and maybe one day expand your base of operation by hiring more employees.

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