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How to Build a Social Media Marketing Plan that will Increase your Traffic


Jul 12, 2021 #Experts, #Featured

With millions of people using social media worldwide today, SEO social media marketing has taken the industry by storm. No matter what industry you are in, you must position yourself well on social media platforms to gain traction and sell. 

However, you can’t just create a Facebook profile, sit back, relax, and watch your business excel. It doesn’t work that way. You must put in the work, create a social media marketing plan, follow the plan, test and try until you find what works for you. If you don’t go about this process wisely, you might end up wasting a lot of resources with no ROI to show for it. Here is a well laid out plan you can follow; 

  • Understand where your Audience Hang Out

The very first step of every marketing plan is to study your audience and understand them. In this step, you figure out who your audience is, what they do, what their problems are, where they hang out the most, and how you can get through to them (engagement).

Understanding your audience and what social media platform suits them the best sets the basis for your social media marketing plan. You will know what to do in the coming steps; what platform to choose for your marketing plan, the type of content to create, and how to promote them.

  • Choose your Platforms

Now that you know where you can find your prospective clients, the ball is still on your side. You want to make sure you position yourself where you can be seen and heard. For the younger age, you might want to choose Facebook and Instagram. The older group may be hanging out on Twitter more.

However, while you are paying attention to your potential clients, you also want to make sure you understand your products and where they are most likely to sell the most. It is a matter of balancing and ensuring your customer’s needs meet the solutions you are offering under the right circumstances. 

  • Listen to your Audience

You might have the best products in the world, but if you are not listening to your audience, you can never sell anything. You want to know what exactly are their needs, what questions they are asking, what suggestions they are making, and just about any other seemingly tiny details from your audience.

You want to make sure you create engaging content on your social media business profiles. Trigger their emotions and let them pour out their needs. You can be posting question-based content or even straight up ask their suggestions. You will be surprised at how many of them are willing to express their needs and what they want from you.

  • Find your Voice

Chances are hundreds of other businesses like yours on social media, doing the same thing you are doing, offering the same services, and selling the same products. So what sets you apart? What will make you rise above all the noise and allow you to be heard? Your voice.

This is your personality, values, what you stand for, and how you have packaged your entire branding. Sometimes businesses sell, not because their offers are the best but because they present themselves and their service and products to their desired customers. 

  • Pick your Posting Strategy

The next thing is picking your posting strategy. You want people to recognize you just by how and when you post. You want to use the same themes that represent your brand and have a posting schedule. Let people look forward to your next posts or at least know when next you will be posting.

This not only increases the engagement between your products and services and your customers but also allows consistency. It allows you to feel accountable for how your pages are running. 

By ozfetch