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How to Choose a Really Private & Secure VPN?

ByDave Stopher

Oct 13, 2019 #technology

A VPN can help shield you from your ISP, advertisers, hackers, and even from the government from monitoring your online activities or the data you are sending or receiving. When choosing a VPN, it is however important to look for one that doesn’t log your activities. So if you are serious about protecting your privacy, you should also be careful with the choice of the VPN itself.

Choose a No-Log VPN

Always choose a no-log VPN for ensuring total protection of your privacy. Such a service can ensure your online privacy no matter where you go and whatever online activities you do. Such a VPN is not going to collect the following details:

  • Your IP address
  • Your session information
  • Browsing history
  • Connection timestamps

Ordinary VPNs are going to maintain a record of all such data, thus nullifying the very purpose of using such a system. In simple terms, a no-log VPN is neither going to track your online activities and your location.

The right way to check this is to go beyond the company’s claims. Look at the terms of service of the VPN service provider. Check the terms section and find out what they have to say about logging and situations when the company is required to disclose user information.

Another strategy to ensure that you are choosing a reliable no-log VPN is to select a paid one. This is not to say that free VPNs are bad. If you want comprehensive list of services and ensure that you are getting true no-log services, look for paid services. It is also recommended to check the reputation of the private UK VPN. A VPN company with an excellent reputation is highly likely to deliver on their claims and promises.

How Secure are VPNs?

As already mentioned, not all VPNs can provide you the same features. Take the following steps to check how secure a VPN is:

  • Check the price of the VPN service
  • A quality VPN service that offers high level of security is going to cost a little
  • It costs to maintain quality infrastructure
  • If there are no user fees, it can mean that they may be bearing the costs by selling user data to third-party

So make sure to choose a paid VPN service.

No IP Address Leaks

A VPN is supposed to hide your IP address and prevent anyone from tracking your online activities. It is still possible that there can be security flaws with many VPNs leading to revealing your IP address and location. So make sure to choose a VPN that comes with the guarantee of no IP address leaks. One way to ascertain this is by checking online reviews for the history of the service provider.

So a high-quality VPN will not save your personal details, the websites you visit, your online activities such as gaming, your downloads, or even your search history. The result is that your online privacy and anonymity are ensured. In other words, even your VPN provider will not have access to such information.

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